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The family and I are heading down to Walt Disney World for New Years week. We are driving down from Indiana. Everytime we go we pass the Wild Adventure billboards in Valdosta, GA. I have listened to there radio station 92.1 FM as we have passed and thought it sounded like a neat place. Can anyone who has been there tell me if it is worth me and my family time to stop there on our way to WDW? Thanks.


It is worth a stop there if you have never been.

If you have small kids in your family, this park has alot to offer. The coaster collection for thrillseekers though is very limited.

The park having animals is a plus for the whole family to enjoy.

The waterpark they have is included with admission. If you want to take your time doing things there, they always have it where you buy a 1 day admission ticket and you get the 2nd day free.

Have fun.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I had my first visit about 3 weeks ago and it is a nice park for a family. I would go just for Cheetah. I wasnt expecting much from the park when I went but Cheetah really impressed me. As for a family park it is great. They have a very nice variety of thrill, family, and kiddie rides. I would definatly recommend going there. Now as far as returning IDK. It is not a park I would pay to go to more than once every few years, but if you havent been there yet I definatly recommed it.

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Also you may want to spring for AP's

If you can go to Cypress Gardens (sister park)

The AP will get you in to both parks.

Plus if you get back down again you can

still use AP's to get in.The AP is good for one years

You can purchase and use a 2008 AP after about

november.Just a thought.I love the Cheatah

But don't ride it early (it is pretty rough when cold)

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I went a few years ago and was very impressed. But DONT ride their Inverter! OUCH!
The inverter dows hurt but I thought it was a very fun layout. Definatly worth a ride in my opinion.

The Only Thing Worst Then Dieing, Is Living And Having Nothing Worth Dieing For.
I suggest going on New years Eve. Lots to do and all kinds of hidden gems at this park if your not into ONLY COASTERS.

Are you going between Christmas and New years or the week after New Years?

If your going to the parks the week between, MAKE SURE YOU GET TO EACH PARK VERY EARLY OR you won't go at all.

The week after new years will be fine.


We will be passing through there around Dec. 27th/28th. We are at WDW From Dec. 30th to Jan. 3rd.


You'll be OK, New years eve is nuts at them parks in FL. Get in early or they close the parking lots. If your onsite and have tickets. You'll be ok but I hope you got a fast pass.


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I miss the days when the Double Shot left bruises on your shoulders. And those couple of months when Cheetah was aggressive without being painful.

Cool animal stuff to check out if you're not rushed. Based on my last visit, it looks like you could easily get all nine coasters inside of 2 hours if you're REALLY pushed though. Like, say, if you're travelling with, well, nevermind.... ;)

The shame of visiting in December....you miss the wettest Shoot-the-Chutes on Planet Earth, and perhaps the most unique rapids ride on the continent...

edit: Should mention....WAY old-school (first-gen?) portable Iwerks motion theatre. They rotate the shows to keep it fresh - good thing, since nothing's been added to the park in a few years. Chaos left though, LOL...

P.S. Pics... Wild Adventures

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