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Had to go to meetings in Tally yesterday (Friday 5/6), so I checked WA calendar and they were open fairly late, 10pm. So, getting out of meetings at 4:30 meant having four hours at the park. Valdosta's not exactly *on the way*, but it was a heck of a lot closer when I was already at I-10. :)

So on to the park, changing from work clothes and grabbing a bite to eat on the way to maximize park time...

The new Screamin' Swing (Gauntlet? I like Stan's name better, but hey, LOL). The ride is free with admission, and the lines were short enough so they didn't even have to operate both sides. There's actually two set-ups with two swingsets apiece, so up to 16 riders at a time means really good capacity is available if needed. Since many of you have ridden the one at Knott's....unfortunately, SAME exact cycle....one or two more good PUMPS through would be really sweet. Rode that twice, yummy. More relaxed ops than KBF when it came to loading. NOT lax on safety, just good throughput, fast crew. A real winner for WA!

Also of note: Go Karts free for season passholders! Not a free ride cycle, totally free for the month of May. Oh baby....hehe. Nice and windy layout, fast cars. The kart would actually bounce in the tighter turns, MAN that was insane. As soon as they closed the park, I said "I'm gonna take a day off work and spend an entire day up there"....move OVER grandpa! :)

They had special "junior racer" cycles for the kids 12 and under...but the adult races were hard-fought...FAST carts.

Unfortunately, my camera charger was left in South Florida....so no pics...at least not until the charger arrives in the mail...;)

Got to take a spin on the unque rapids ride, didn't get TOO wet (thankfully, I was in jeans)....thing had been closed forever, hadn't seen it run at all in '04. I thought there would be some NEW additions to it in terms of opportunities to get wet, but it reopened the same as it closed.

Since I was in jeans, I had to pass on Blackfoot Falls...anyone who comes to WA, I *will* make them ride this chute-the-chutes, it is THE wettest one anywhere, with the walkway bridge funneling ALL of the water back onto the riders...kinda a first-gen Perilous Plunge, LOL....

Of course I rode the dry sack slide (and won)...

Power Surge was fun as always!

The Chance Aviator was down for rehab. Weird thing, the Chaos has been shut down since the MiA accident, not operated since....wonder if it might re-open now that MiA has settled? Also not operating by Chance rides....the Yoyo and the Inverter.

Cheetah, wow is that thing getting rough again, already. Defensive riding is a must, but it IS an agressive ride even when smooth.

Biggest mistake in the off-season? Failing to add to the waterpark, it was WAY overwhelmed by crowds last year and got....nothing. That place will be a ZOO. Kent should take a note from HW, their waterpark NEVER stops growing...

Too bad my trip to WA was a washout with one of the big 4 hurricanes last September. I stopped by the park after being at MSAP the night before for closing night. It looks like a nice park from the parking lot anyway.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

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