Wild Adventures

I am planning a multi-park trip for next weekend and I was considering hitting up Wild Adventures in GA. I was wondering what people thought of the park and whether it is worth going a few hours out of the way for and spending $45.

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It's the credit-ho's dream park. Bunch of coasters, none of them need more than a credit lap. I need to get back there soon (exactly 100 miles from my door, haven't been in two years)...Cheetah is *exceptional*...

exceptionally ROUGH! ;)

It is ok but it is a small kids park more than a extreme coaster park, but it is a credit ho's dream.

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I don't consider it to be a small kids park. Theres a ton to do there and tons of surprises around every corner of it.

The coasters aren't that great but it has the BEST SLC and Boomerang I've been on. Cheetah at the time I rode it was awesome in the second seat with one of the longest float air moment headchoppers I've experienced. I understand it hasn't run that way in some time.

I liked it. Kinda like Adventurland Iowa. Theres a ton of flatrides and things to do but the coasters aren't the highlight of it.


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^LOL, for that I'll be a big-park fan and go to PCW. Or Puyallup.

Smaller parks really should take excellent care of their "few" coasters. And honestly, despite the count, it's not like WA has a bunch of "maintenance hog" rides (wonder if that Chaos is gone yet, it hasn't run AFAIK in years....

Cheetah should not be left tu run in that condition....it's VERY much like the rougher nastier side of Villain than I care for...too much "Wild" in that particular Wild Adventure. Who knows, maybe you'll get an update soon, I'd like to change my mind. ;)

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