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I went today 3/13/05 mostly so the kids could go to the water park.But when I saw Cheatah was open I had to ride it the retracking worked out well one of the smoothest rides I have ever had on it. The rails were real greasy and it was wicked fast.It look like they retracked everything except lift hill and the first two Whoopedy do's (my technical term).

I did notice the second train was missing so I asked about it (thinking it was being refurbished) And got stonewalled by the ride op.

The water was cold but it was about 80 degrees(outside temp)and sunny so it wasn't that bad once you got used to it.The water park looked real good with a coat of fresh paint on everything.The wave pool was down for a technical problem.(maybe they did not want to run for only my two kids)

The park was mostly empty and there were even fewer people in the water park.(only us crazy folks)


deleted question about train it is not the train at cypress gardens (found photo of train at CG) *** Edited 3/17/2005 12:02:58 AM UTC by kevin38***

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I'd like to ride Cheetah while it's still fresh from rehab. Sounds like it was a nice day too. Nice!

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