Wild 1 at SFA in Maryland

Well, my dad andI were having a good bull session the other night after his long day day at work. He had been dealing indrectly with a wind turbine project up in Maine.

Well, after discussing the ins and outs that stuff, it shiftted to TTD (he'd love to get a peek at that mechanical room), and other coasters. Well, he brought up a few he loved to ride as a kid in Mass. and wondered if any of them were still running.

After some searching on RCDB, I found out that one of his old favorites, the Wild 1, which was orgionally at Paragon Park in Hull, MA and known then as the Giant Coaster, (http://www.rcdb.com/147.htm) was still running.

Here's the question: Is it STILL in operation, and is it worth riding? Has Six Flags done at least a half-decent job at keeping the old girl running, or is it too far gone to be worth anything other than for firewood?

The other question is that do any of you old farts out there remember riding the coaster in it's prime?

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Wild 1? Is this a chat room?

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