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Thursday, May 2, 2002 3:03 PM

Wow what a great day at CP. So much went down today I hope I cover it all. I got to the patk at 5am with my girlfriend Maria, my brother, GGTP members Jeffrey Spartan and Shorty, and they brought their better halfs.

We parked in the designated area and walked up to the security desk and the officier gave us a hard time, and we were there for about 10 mins before they finally let us in. Finally after talking to his boss over the phone they let us in.

We signed in over at DT Refreshments where we got our name badges and WT notebooks.

We walkded over to the Giant Wheel where a small group of people were standing. Then Brian and Jeff walked over to the entrance and they were told to get in line. Maria and I slowly followed them and we walked through the queue up to the entrance of the station.

Brian Edwards saw me on the load side and he called me back over to the entrance. I ran back through the queue and met Brian at the entrance of the ride. He asked me if I wanted to do an interview? I said sure, before I knew it they were strapping us in the front seat of the train, by all accounts we were the only people in the train and we were the first public riders to ride it that day. The front seat is just awesome. It blew me away, there was a light rain but we didn't notice it. We came back into the station and I was blown away. It is just an incredable ride and it was a great experience. The reporter I rode with was from Stubenville, and about an hour later we went live and did a live interview together. She said that she saw the reverse POV of us riding and she said that it came out great. I asked for a copy and she said that she will send me out a copy as soon as I can. Very few people will be able to say that they have their very first ride on a new roller coaster on tape!

Total for the day I got 9 laps in. Definatly the back seat is the place to be on the train. That reverse tower going up backwards is just insane.

I did a ton of interviews and if anyone in the Toledo area gets the Blade and they see me in it and they could get me a copy I would really apprecitae it.

For the record today was the first last and only time I will ever be inside Johnny Rockets. Everyone about fell over when they saw me in there and I heard it from everyone.

There are a ton of great stories and memories for today, I will post more later, all in all WT is a great ride.

I want to thank Bryan, Janice, and Robin and all of their crews for taking care of us today!

Danny J
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