Wicked Twister Recreation

Could someone help me out...how the heck did they create that beautiful twist on the WT recreation? I tried saving it as an element but it doesn't connect properly. Kudos to Ride_Op on that design!
While I would love to take credit for the design, true credit goes to BBSpeed for the track work. My contribution to the Impulse coasters included in the update was to build the supports and configure the shuttle functions. BBSpeed constructed the vertical spirals using the Purgatorium and a lot of patient hand manipulation. They were designed and built before the heartline feature was implimented. Kudos go to BBSpeed.


Purgatorium? Am I missing something?
I've actually recreated something similar. I noticed that the height to the "heartline" (I was using intamin rocket track) is about 3' above the nodes. I made a "circle" of nodes at at 45 degree increments and figured out with geometry where those nodes need to be and then stretched the ciricle. Turned out pretty good.

Has anyone noticed that the WT recreation runs really slow when everything else runs ok? Maybe I need to update my driver or something ...

Impulsive - Just FYI but... the exact height of the impulse heartline in NL is 1.15 meters (from track node to heartline). I know I used 54" in the recreation included with 1.5, but that's just because it was the best avaliable information at the time.

Annddd because I was bored and I can, here's just how exact a 1.15m heartline is... lookey here. *** Edited 10/12/2004 11:00:45 PM UTC by BBSpeed26***

what is this you guys are designing on? rct? or just a coaster design program? let me in on it i must know!
Hey Geauga, I forget, but what forum am I in, refresh my mind.

Or you have no idea what nolimits is?


^siren noise

NL NEWBIE! Sweet. geauga... check out www.nolimitscoaster.de and www.nolimitscoaster.com

sorry no idea.

No Limits is one of the best coaster sim creators out there. Too bad I suck at it. But it is fun to play around with.:)

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