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Friday, May 3, 2002 10:18 AM
My oldest daughter and I drove up to Sandusky Wednesday night. With the anticipation and excitement of Media Day (not to mention the storms) if I got a total of 1 hour sleep I'd be pushing it. We got to CP at 5:17am, raining, ucky weather. We decided our 1st ride (at 5:45am-what a way to wake up!) would be in the middle of the train and I can NOT put into words how fast my heart was thumping waiting to "sail".
I heard the 3-2-1 and off we went. WOW!! (and NOT your kind of "wow" Dan-no O&A here! ;)) WT stole our hearts from the very 1st ride! I wont go into long details about the ride itself since several of our members already did. I will however have to agree that the back 3 rows are the best! I got to ride a total of 20 laps, even several rerides during the pm rides :)
The food was awesome! From the breakfast at Johnny Rockets, the lunch and the dancing!! (if no one here has ever experienced this place-play "Love Shack" or "YMCA" on the jukebox and you'll see what Im talking about!) Back there again for an evening "snack" which was even a more impressive layout than lunch was! The food there was very good!! Talking with the media was of course too much fun. I did several interviews and know I made it on Channel 13 news in Toledo, I'm again on the front page of the Sandusky Register today (no pic this time, just words) I did an interview for one of the Elyria papers and there was a paper in Bowling Green that mentioned the pic they took of me could go to the AP-that would be TOO cool! :)
It was awesome seeing all my CP and GTTP buds and meeting some new ones. WT is an awesome ride and I enjoyed every single ride. I will admit though that my entire upper bod ACHES today, which is my own fault for not keeping my hands down. The funniest thing that happened was my sunglasses went flying out of my pocket and were right after the station. I told one of the ride ops where my sunglasses were, who in turn told this other "person" who said he would get them after the train done. THAT person happened to me one of the park ops MANAGERS who when he saw they were my sunglasses said "you know better Jo-you're supposed to secure all loose articles!! Didnt YOU tell people that when YOU ran Raptor??" I almost died---I insisted they WERE secure (or I thought they were) Very funny moment for me!!! :) My daughter and I caught a nap in my truck during the "break" time and what ended up waking me up was the sound of Raptor cycling. We probably could have managed another 10 laps (rerides!) during the pm ride time but honestly WT really KICKS and I could not do more than 3 rerides! I HAD to get off and "regroup" or chance losing all that yummy food! CP's Media Day event was again 1st class as it was in '00 for MF. The funniest thing my daughter said was "man Mom you know ALOT of people here, don't you?" :)
We both had a blast, Wicked Twister rocks and I can NOT wait til Opening Day Sunday! :)

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Cowgirls dig cowboys in Wranglers! ;)

Friday, May 3, 2002 5:08 PM
Great TR Jo!



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