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I was at the park yesterday. First time there in about 5 years. Anyways, wonderful day. I was ''waiting'' aka walking on Wicked Twister but then it actually went down due to a piece fell off. It looked like a small, round steel piece that have fell off. Does stuff like this happen often? The ride was down until later that night probably about 8? I dont know.. didnt go back. Anyways. Just wondering if stuff like this ever happens. Time to go back to the park. :)
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Fell off what? The train you think? Where did it land?
Just another case of Intamin Leprosy, nothing to worry about.

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Thats interesting. On Monday the ride had a period of downtime that was quite strange. The ride was hissing very loudly. So loudly you could hear it by maXair. It sounded like compressed air, but it kept coming from different areas on the track. A train was E-Stopped and maintenance was working on it. I have some pictures over in my Trip Report, but I'm not sure if these two incidents are related.

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Not surprised. I mean it's sister did rip itself apart last year...won't be long before WT does the same.
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Wicked Twister usually runs very well, in fact with a good crew, that line (when there is one), moves very fast for only having one train.

While I have no clue what fell from the ride. I've heard of the kicker wheels just falling down on Raptor's platform before.

If the ride opened up again, I doubt it was anything that major.

Opening day I saw it E-stopped outside the station. Left before it was back up and running but looks like a rough road ahead this year.
^That is not anything to be concerned about. Heck, a bird could have broken the light curtain to E-Stop it.

That is in no way a precursor of the year ahead.

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