Why was Cop Car Chase destroyed?


Some of these pics looks like they really wanted to just get it outta here!

Reminds me a bit of Windjammer.

Looks like it could have been pretty rough.

Anyone know or been on it?

I always wanted to ride it but never got two. I am guessing that they wanted to intstall Jimmy Newtron coaster in time for next season


and it does look like it had its share of problems as it does also reminds me of WindJammer.

The park said that the cost of renovating it was just so much that they preferred to just remove it.

The trains probably were the problems... Indiana Jones at DLP had the same trains (with a different look) and it needed new trains after 6 years!

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IMO, that was an awesome concept for a dueling coaster. Yeah, I know Thunder Road kinda beat them to the punch, but I would love to see another ride similar to this one.

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The ride looks like it hurt, and it's a low capacity ride. So, that's probably why.
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From everything I've read the ride was actually pretty good. Don't remember specific mentions of roughness but I've never ridden myself.
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^Saw this pic and thought to myself "looks like enough headbanging to cause nausea".... ;)

I wanna HURL!

Seriously, haven't heard NEARLY enough about the ride to make any statement, but looking at the pics, I'd say Absimilliard has a VERY valid point about those trains - my experiences with that kind of OTSR's and heartlines having been fairly unpleasant...thinking of the old FoF trains... :(

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The heartline rolls were taken so slow that I haven't heard any complaints about them.

The OTSR were murder through. Look at this picture: http://www.rcdb.com/ig957.htm?picture=7 . Cop Car Chase used the same kind of restraints, which is flat hard foam that hurts very bad when you hit it!

Sadly, Six Flags let the ride effects go downhill while they owned the ride. When it first opened, it had a fireball along with a rolling car when you went through the last hangar before the heartline rolls. They also opened one track at once most of the time.

The last time i rode it was in 2001 when it was still called "Lethal Weapon Pursuit". Even back then the ride was in a very bad shape, consirdered it was only five years old.
The drive tires in the station were frayed, only one side was operating and some of the trains were sitting dismantled on the tracks.

I never liked this ride anyway, and i guess many people who liked it, haven´t ridden many other coasters for comparison.

The duelling aspect didn´t really work and for years the ride used to operate only one side at a time while the cool "burning car" effect that used to fly over the tracks before the "minus-g-roll" was long gone at the time. Add to this a very low capacity and you have a very lacklustre experience.

The cars, seats and OTSR were uncomfortable and the tight layout of the curves caused lots of headbanging on the hard restraints.

It appeared that the coaster didn´t get any care under the SF regime and it fell pretty quickly into disrepair.

There were rumours that - because there was lots of mining under the park in the past - the ground was not good. But i think this was just another of those "Magnum is sinking" stories.

However, the question remains how a coaster can be in a state of disrepair after 10 years, in a country that prides itself with such a strict safety regulation. After all it has been under yearly inspection by TÜV.

The reason for the final dismantling was indeed the exorbitant costs for a complete overhaul. As the ride was sitting on a large plot of land in the middle of the park and was themed like an eyesore, the new management didn´t see the point in keeping it.

The former space is now occupied by a new themed area called "Santa Monica Pier". It features an artificial lake with water rides, a ferris wheel and a Disc 0 Coaster.

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I don't know what you all are talking about. The coaster was obviously outstanding, I mean, it WAS designed by Intamin..... ;)

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