Why the water dummy?

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Saw this photo on Facebook:

OMG! Cedar Point doesn't care about capacity!

Seriously though, why the water dummy in the first row?

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Because he was asked to go to the back, but volleyed back and forth until the lead Ride Op looked at the rest of the crew, shrugged, and let him into the front where he wanted to go in the first place.

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Yeah, I'm guessing that's not it. Water dummies aren't dicks like that.

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Yeah, they don't have them either.

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It looked like the mount for a GoPro Hero was attached to the water dummy Thursday. All the media day on-ride shots were in that second row seat. I assumed it was the park's camera, since I never saw it being removed. You can just see the camera sticking up.

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Ahhh. I assumed it was from today with normal operations, but you're right.

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Yeah, you can see the camera there if you look closely. Two out of the three trains had a camera mounted on the first row, left side. I have to admit that the reverse POV of me and Red Delicious was a pretty awesome souvenir.

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They prefer to be called water intellectually-impaired...

dummies like roller coasters just as much as smarties!

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And the video was delivered on a flash drive with the Cedar Point and GateKeeper logos printed on either side, which was pretty spiffy. My friend had the press pass though, so I haven't seen our video yet.

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That is exactly right, and the dummy on the other side is me and my wife Nancy.

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