Why the slow lift on Beast?

Saturday, August 7, 2004 1:21 AM
Just wondering why the chainlift on the first hill of Beast creeps up the hill?

Was it designed that way initially when it ran more trains?

I was ready to catch a nap until we crested the hill. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2004 1:25 AM
Its so weird. When I got my morning ride on Beast, I was talking about how slow the lift was with the guy in front of me going up the lift. At about that time, the lift sped up for a few feet. Then it slowed back down. That was kind of weird.

The nite ride was slow the whoel time, however

Saturday, August 7, 2004 1:45 AM
It is because the train infront of you has to clear the second lift hill and about 20 feet untill the train on the lift is allowed to start it's desent.

It moves slow because its more conforting to guests to move slow rather than just stop on the hill.

And as a final reason, brakes. Brakes add onto your crawl time.

Saturday, August 7, 2004 2:59 AM
Hmmm, I thought it was just getting old and cranky. ;-)


Saturday, August 7, 2004 3:18 AM
No, you're confusing it with me Tina ;)


Saturday, August 7, 2004 3:42 AM
Tina, if you consider 25 'old', then aren't you ancient by now?;)

I'll be sure to bring some depends and old matlock tapes to PPP fer ya!

Saturday, August 7, 2004 5:04 AM
Matlock? Bleh.........bring the "Married With Children" tapes instead.


Saturday, August 7, 2004 5:17 AM
"Love and marriage. Love and Marriage..."

Tina, its 5am. What are you doing up for christ's sake?!?;)

Saturday, August 7, 2004 5:24 AM
Clint - when you get to Tinas advanced maturity you don't need much sleep.

On the other hand, what are you doing up at this time young man?

-Jim ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2004 5:25 AM
Insomnia:The Ride ;-)

Saturday, August 7, 2004 6:02 AM
Since you're so awake, and I'm so sleepy, you can come down and finish my shift for me, whilst I go home and go to bed;).

I'm sure you could find your way to welch this early in the morning...

Saturday, August 7, 2004 6:15 AM
I-77 at 6am in the morning dodging overzealous deer and 18-wheelers....too much excitement for me! ;-)


Saturday, August 7, 2004 1:21 PM
There used to be a block brake in the long brake shed after the 2nd hill and 2nd turn. When the ride was updated to magnetic trims that block was removed. The lift now runs more slowly because the next downtrack block is the 2nd lift.

If you watch the ride operate the lift will speed up after the downtrack train clears lift #2. It will slow down again just before the top of the lift (every time) for whatever reason, however.

Saturday, August 7, 2004 2:47 PM
Isn't that the same reason why MF speeds up... after the other train makes it into the unload station, the train on the lift picks up speed?
Saturday, August 7, 2004 3:20 PM
Saturday, August 7, 2004 6:56 PM
Wow, I never actually knew the reason that MF did that. Huh. The more you know.
Sunday, August 8, 2004 5:06 PM
As others have said, the speed control on the 1st lift is for block control. I'm just guessing, but the slow down at the top is probably a speed control. I know at least one other woodie, Rattler, controls the speed over the top to control the speed for the ride.

On Rattler, the speed over the top is controled based on the previous ride times. I'm not sure if Rattler's control is manual or automatic. This could also of course be done based on a speed sensor.

Sunday, August 8, 2004 6:37 PM
Iron dragon does the same thing as the beast.

And yes MF does to the speed up thing, and it's already going fast to begin with and then you are hauled over the top.

Sunday, August 8, 2004 7:13 PM
Monstre at La Ronde does that.. When one train is running, the lift speed is average all the way.

With 2 trains running, the ride blocking system is this: If the station is occupied and the other train enters the brake (its uses skid brakes), the ride sets up and shuts down. So, to allow for guest molasses (the kind that sits in the train, realise they'll lose their stuff and then take all their time, standing up and stowing all their stuff in their belt pouch. They then sit down, realise its won't fit and then struggle to remove it while still sitting!), the train leaves the station while the other train is in the helix, engage on the lift and then... the lift slows to a crawl. Until its get 3/4 up, then its speeds up a lot to get the ride to the proper speed for the ride. By the time its speeds up, the other train is already ready to dispatch.

Sunday, August 8, 2004 10:14 PM
So if MF is e-stopped which has happened to me, would the lift speed be higher than normal to compensate?

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