Why Does my Topic Always get erased??

Wednesday, January 23, 2002 3:17 PM
Two seconds after I made my post What is an S&S Snow Shot n/m It was pulled. Why??????
Wednesday, January 23, 2002 3:19 PM
well i could of sworn you asked the same question yesterday did you not? if you didnt try using the search becauase i am positive that was answered just yesterday!
Wednesday, January 23, 2002 3:21 PM
you did ask this question yesterday! http://www.coasterbuzz.com/forums/thread.asp?ForumID=11&TopicID=17349 ok maybe thats why it got erased!!!!!!
Wednesday, January 23, 2002 3:23 PM
My bad. I searched an it didnt show up cuz of the question marks. I couldve sworn it got deleted yesterday also.hmmmm

Nitro Rocks...enough said

Wednesday, January 23, 2002 3:56 PM
Not only that, but if you just type snow shot you'ld get your answer.  It's been asked MANY times!
- Peabody

Closed topic.

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