why does coasterbuzz suck

Monday, September 17, 2001 3:15 AM
Monday, September 17, 2001 3:20 AM
We will let Jeff handle this one!
"Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward. And freedom will be defended," President Bush vowed in a brief statement at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. "Make no mistake: The United States will hunt down and punish those resp
Monday, September 17, 2001 4:18 AM
This message will destruct in 5,4,3,2,
Monday, September 17, 2001 4:33 AM
Isn't it staggering to think that even in the face of the worst day in American history that some moron actually has the energy to post this kind of nonsense? Very sad.

We know you're in the Atlanta area on Bell South's network, and we're coming for you...

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