Why does Coaster Buzz keep deleting the post on th

Monday, August 7, 2000 5:49 PM
Why does Coaster Buzz keep deleting the post on the 2001 KW Coaster Contest? What's wrong with having a little fun, huh, coasterbuzz?


Monday, August 7, 2000 6:02 PM
Jeff, I would have to also question this deletion. The thread was only supposed to be everyone's best guess at the new coaster's stats. What's wrong with that?

Gotta ride 'em all!
Monday, August 7, 2000 6:17 PM
I'm right behind everyone, on this one!

201.3 Miles to Cedar Point from Owosso MI.
Monday, August 7, 2000 6:20 PM
We'll just keep going & predicting until they delete this one too.

Highest Drop: 260 FT
Highest Speed: 88 MPH
Designer: Morgan
Monday, August 7, 2000 8:37 PM
Because we've had a hundred different threads on the subject... we don't need another. In 72 hours we'll all know.

Restarting a thread I deleted is not a good idea.

Webmaster/Admin - CoasterBuzz.com

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