Whose Pinfari Zyklon ZL42 is this?

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I was on Ital's site and saw there most recent addition is a Pinfari Zyklon ZL42 (Looping Star). The listing says it's a park model. I went through all the listings on RDCB and couldn't figure out which park it belonged too. Anyone have any thoughts?

On a separate note: I didn't see it mentioned anywhere else. Nut Tree Park, which closed in 2008, now has their Harvest Express Coaster up for sale as well.

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I believe the one in the photo in the ride listing is Beech Bend's.

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I am not surprised to see Beech Bend's ride up for sale. I vaguely recall hearing that there were *whispers* that BB was looking for a suitable replacement prior to this season...or was it the season prior? In either case, it's about time! ;)

Shame about Nut Tree, they had great staff and (what I considered) a niche market. Harvest Express was also a pretty good ride...

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I looked on RCDB, but I never thought to look at my Beech Bend photos. I checked my shots from 2006 and I think your right Gonch. Someone give that man a cookie. I guess the ride was painted sometime after RCDB's photos and sometime before mine were taken.



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You know how I figured it out?

Looking at my photos. ;)

So where's that cookie? Anybody?

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Tempting...oh so tempting....

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Come here... I'll give you a cookie! ;)

So when they sell it, will the Firecracker safety sign go with it?

(There exists a small sign which was used on the Firecracker at Holiday World. When that ride joined Amusements of America and became the Avalanche, the sign moved to the ZL42, where it stayed even through the trip to Beech Bend)

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Of more interest to me is what their replacement will be...

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