Who's getting the TAK2 in 02 PKI or CP ?

Monday, May 7, 2001 7:43 PM
I'm confused by all the rumors flying around about CP's coaster war and PKI's mysterious 2002 adventure next to the Beast.
There's lots of talk and speculation about 2002.
One of the most popular is the whole TAK2 "Thing".
I've heard that CP has a wonderful relationship with S&S and is going to build the Tallest,Fastest,Blah,Blah,Blah,S&S.

I also hear that since PKD has one that it's only logical that PKI will get an S&S TAK2.

So who's gonna get it PKI or CP or Both in the same year (wouldn't that be freaky). Who would have the better of the two??????????
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Monday, May 7, 2001 8:02 PM
If PKI gets 2 coasters and CP gets 1, they'll be tied in the coaster wars for #2. I hope PKI doesn't get it if the statistics are anywhere near that of HXLC. It better be at least double in every way(besides degree drop). PKI needs the capacity especially. I hope it's passed for now and PKI is going for a B&M or something. A TA2K doesn't seem very adventurous and it would ruin Rivertown. Maybe it will come later but not now. Unless the 2 for 2002 is still on. And maybe the adventure is a water coaster.

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Monday, May 7, 2001 9:08 PM
The area beside the Beast is being prepped for a thrill/dark ride, based on the movie Titanic. I've heard people now talking about a second ride for '02. TA2K would make a great addition to PKI!

Monday, May 7, 2001 10:57 PM
How about neither? Hypersonic needs it's kinks worked out first, not to mention capacity issues. I certainly wouldn't buy one yet.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2001 7:04 AM
I'm with you OutKast. I can't see CP or PKI putting one in without the kinks worked out first. Paramount backed out of their Vekoma deal when Stealth had issues and with Hypersonic having issues, I can't imagine them building another. As fas CP goes, they try to stick to things they know are going to work from the get go.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2001 7:52 AM
Yea I have been hearing about the Titanic dark ride rumor. It would fit in the location where it is somewhat (since it is water based). But then what is #2. I still say I would like to see the Seizmic racer at PKI. It is inexpensive and should give good throughput.
Tuesday, May 8, 2001 8:40 AM
How do you know a Seizmic is inexpensive? I don't think there is one anywhere yet. I agree though, it looks like a great ride from the renderings...a true floorless coaster.

Anyway, I don't CP will get a TA2K soon. It's not in there style to go with something unproven. PKI makes sense because PKD has one.
Tuesday, May 8, 2001 10:05 AM
Titanic? Is adventurous alright. And if the 2 in 2002 is true, were would the second ride go? the only place left is by FOF, but that would block them in again. IF there is 2 in 2002, I would expect a coaster and a dark ride. Just my speculation.
Tuesday, May 8, 2001 1:04 PM
No, it just should be in the rumors section.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2001 1:26 PM
Titanic? I would just like to know what the heck is adventurous about a boat that went bad. Besides that, the paramount titanic movie was very far from an action movie.
Tuesday, May 8, 2001 3:10 PM
frankly, i would find a ride based on titanic pretty offensive, but then again, whenever i see somebody profiting off of any event in which people died, i think that is pretty weird.


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