Who would hack Theme Park Review?

Usually while I am hard at work(lol) I check my email and any news on the amusement park industry. A few emails from Theme Park Review, hmm interesting. Then i checked my usual sites, this being one of them and as I got to TPR to check for some entertaining pictures, I come to learn they have been hijacked! Let me check those emails again! Hijacking any park-related site is just like stealing candy from a child! I wish I had time to spend hacking a site... wait I take that back, I wouldn't spend it that way, I'd be riding a roller coaster somewhere! I'm heart-broken. I had no idea where to vent frustrations and seek empathy so I came here. I enjoy all the coaster and amusement community has to offer and all the sites associated with it as they keep me occupied when I am not visiting a park. I hope who ever commited such a devious crime is clunked in the head with roller coaster track. You just ruined my day!

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Wow. In bee four clothes.

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This is gonna be an interesting thread. ;)

I'm not sure who would hack them, but they do attract a lot of traffic with all of the media they put up. That also includes a lot of international traffic I'm sure, since they take frequent trips overseas. Maybe someone was angry...or just bored, who knows?

That being said, I'm not sure you'll find a lot of 'empathy' here. Due to past circumstances, I'm sure there are quite a few that believe TPR deserves whatever it gets.

I understand that there have been issues and know that there are people who would love to see them hacked but I love all the coaster sites they entertain me and get me pumped about the next park I am going to visit. Also they keep me sane at work (Chemistry can sometimes be monotinous). However, I do not wish bad upon people, even the tarts who condemn me. Oh and for me wishing that the hacker would take coaster track in the head.....

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This issue is a Butter Side Up / Butter Side Down in my opinion. At the end of the day, we're all coaster enthusiasts.

Is this a topic or a personal blog entry? Maybe it is the leader of Coasterbuzz trying to take out the competition.


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These people


Who cares?

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Online vandalism isn't really funny ever. But it's also not my problem.

If you use the same password everywhere, change it everywhere.

For the record, passwords on CoasterBuzz are hashed (i.e., can't be reverse decoded), so even if the security of this site was compromised, all you'd get is a bunch of random characters that don't mean anything.

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