Who wins with the closing of Geauga Lake?

People in the Mid-Atlantic benefit. You see, hershey is getting Farenheit. 1 new non cedar fair coaster. Six flags America has ultra twister in rehabilitation, and it is rumored to open next year. Flying Turns is opening at Knobels. Dorney park is getting Voodoo.1 new cedar fair. King's Dominion is being rumored to be installing Dominator from Geagua Lake. This way, the mid atlantic will be getting at most 5 (!) new coasters next year!
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Gravity Group will get a little more exposure from RF2, so I guess in a way, they win. Which means I win... ;)
The terrorists

rollergator said:
Who wins with the closing of Geauga Lake?

Litehouse Pools wins a little, as they get a new customer. I will be using the money I would have spent on next years passes and installing a pool for my family.

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^Probably more like "marketing" as in schmoozing the bigwigs at Papa John's and Home Depot into signing longer-term agreements...

I hate to tell you. Papa John's is in agreement with SF not CF. I know because I started the process for PJ back in November of 05...Sorry I misread the thread and you were talking about SF. What an Idiot I can be... *** Edited 9/28/2007 11:55:43 PM UTC by raser***

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Jeff said:

Josh is actually right, it's probably Fun-n-Stuff that has most to gain, as well as Swings 'n' Things on the west side, or Rinky Dink down in Medina. Those are the real winners.

And I'm sure Memphis Kiddie Park will get a hunk as well. (of course, that place is always packed to begin with.)

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Well, I could see MI Adventure winning over the long term, as they are already rumored to be receiving the Vekoma from Geauga Lake. And I could possibly see the Geauga Lake carousel moving there as well, as MIA doesm't really have a true carousel thusfar.
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Yeah, that Carousel will wind up somewhere in the chain. I was thinking MIA as well.

I thought about this the other day, what If a portion of GL did survive (not including wwk) and they were able to do with Big Dipper as the owners of Belmont Park did with Giant Dipper and its surroundings. You know, a mix of shopping, restuarants and a few rides.

I agree with Walt S. For the simple reason that it is the least developed of the parks and could use nearly anything that GL had, even the trash cans can be used if they expand the developed areas of the park. I feel that many of the CF parks will benefit. I just hope they don't over build any of the parks in the process.
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Neuski said:
The terrorists

I KNEW I should have opened this thread up so much sooner. Very nice.

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