WHO song/Colossus, Wild Rides

Funny how much got lost in the 80's!


I'm not totally sure, but I think this is the song written by Pete Townshend for Blondie. When their manager heard it, they had to keep it for themselves.

Same thing happened with Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart" meant for the Ramones but kept for money reasons.

Enter the dark side of capitalism and ROI.

I can't believe this old Wild Rides is not out on DVD yet, along with "America Screams" (which has the ORIGINAL Colossus in it). Great stuff, enjoy!

I remember the days when you could actually take a large stuffed animal to ride with you! Silly lawsuits.... Enjoy!

There was a band called THE SPARKS that was really popular in LA durring those times. They sang at the opening of the REVOLUTION in the movie Rollercoaster.

Don't know if it's them or not but it does sound like a townsend song.


Yes! And 'Sparks' are still going.

That intro to their song in ROLLERCOASTER! is ripped by another band for their song "Live it up." Great stuff. Funny how everyone is connected.

Revolution is still salvageable!

Pete T. is a rock god and Roger Daltry is the voice to carry it. I wish RNR park would have picked them instead of Zeppelin. Or old ACDC or old punk...

Colossus and Revo will ride again!

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Wow, even back then they didn't race it.

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Long live the Big Bad Wolf

^Notice Colossus is without the 'middle rung' of the vertical structure. Thanks to that bad design, it was a rumor that 'racing coasters' could not 'race' legally. I think...
I remember Sparks. They were probably best known for their semi hit, "I Predict", back in the glory days of New Wave in the 80's. I still love to pull that one out of the archives.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
I think every song they have is on this site. It seems to play every song on every album. The album your looking for would be 74-79 for both Rollercoasters song and for the collosus segment.

This band is a trip. I like :)

The Who song is Somebody Saved Me off of Face Dances. My sister was a Who freak so I had this constantly blaring through my bedroom wall as a kid growing up. I didn't know the story about it being a Blondie song but there was a lot of that happening back then, thanks for the info!

I'm not a big Who freak but was just exposed to it so much in my early years. I got revenge when I discovered my love for all things Metal and Punk a few years later... Hey the Who stomped the path for all that stuff so it's her fault!



I never got The Sparks. I like some very esoteric music so not saying it's not good, just don't get it! That song they play in Rollercoaster with the Revolution scenes "Big Boy" is brutal! "Big Boy-yeeeeeee!

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