Who Says CF Doesn't Care About Their Parks' History?

I nearly died when I saw this. My hat goes off to them though for marketing items such as this that showcase the parks past. I would have never thought.

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Let me know when the Hercules mug comes out. ;)
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So really...who does say that?
Just imagine the money they could make when they scrap SOB!

Hey kids, own a piece of history! While supplies last, you can own a 12" section of 2"X4" from the legendary Son of Beast!
Cost: Just $5.00 US plus shipping and handling!


Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


"Makes a great bonfire!" ;)
^Nahh Hurler would make an even better bonfire....it sure didn't make for even a good coaster that's for sure.
Wow, do I feel old. I rode the Flying Dutchman, and I don't think it was in the 80's.
Who says CF doesn't care about their park's history?

Anyone who has been to Knott's recently. ;)

I want the Journey to the Center of the Earth mug! That was one of the few rides my mom would actually let me ride at Dorney when I was a little one.
^ As part of the Alfundo gift pack with "The Whacky Shack" in the "Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows" commemorative 40th Anniversary series. :)
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Um, if you think they dont care about their history, go to the town hall museum in Cedar Point.

That mug is rather cheesy, though.

Well, with CF's purchase of the Paramount parks, I'll be on the lookout for the "Land of Dooz" commemorative mug for Kings Dominion! Less obscure, I'd actually really buy one for the Haunted River!!
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BTW, the pieces of wood from SOB they will sell will just give everyone splinters, and they will get sued again.

"31 people were injured today when pieces of wood from SOB started giving people splinters....Mike?"

"Thanks Janet...thats right. Reports are starting to come in of bloody fingers, sore thumbs, and one woman was reportedly having trouble breathing after she showed the piece of wood to her child"

Maybe mugs with the old Thunderhawk station, the Meteorite, the Rockets, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hercules and the Mansion House Hotel will be next. They're not good enough for the parks but they're sure good enough to be plastered on the side of drinking mugs!
they already have a journey mug. but yes id like to see others as well

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