Who has been on Oblivion ?

Thursday, August 9, 2001 2:51 PM
Is it a good ride ?
I know it is short but is it worth wating 1 hour for ?
and is the drop very long ?
Thursday, August 9, 2001 3:00 PM
I rode Oblivion two years ago. It's just an amazing ride, don't let anyone tell you any different. It's a group experience coaster, and the first drop(though it may be tame by today's standards)is such a rush! The ride doesn't do much else which has led some to call it nothing more than a gimmick. But what a gimmick it is, as you are dropped 200ft into total darkness. If I ever got the chance to go to Alton again(doubtful), I'd gladly wait an hour for it. It's short, but it's also unique and glass smooth.

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Thursday, August 9, 2001 3:11 PM
To this day, I still get goosebumps when I recall the grandeur and majesty of that short, but oh so sweet ride. The climb is not anything to fear, and in fact is very short. The wait at top is tense, but fun. The drop is great because you don't know when you will stop falling. It is everything that Space Mountain wishes it were.

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Friday, August 10, 2001 8:33 PM
It is a 200ft drop ?
roller Coaster database says it's only 65ft. tall.
that is a big drop.
Friday, August 10, 2001 8:35 PM
It is only 65 feet tall, it goes underground over 100 feet. Thats one deep tunnel! Amazing how they could build it with such secrecy with such a deep tunnel.

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Friday, August 10, 2001 9:44 PM
How Much did it cost, $7,000,000 ?
Friday, August 10, 2001 11:56 PM
It is 65 feet tall, but has a total drop length of 180 feet. It cost around $10,000,000. Pretty expensive for such a small yet sweet ride. I've never been, but I can somewhat imagine the terror of looking over the drop for the very first time. *Shivers* B&M has a winner there. I hope they start marketing more of them, or at least let six flags buy like 9 or 10 of them and pass them out to their parks so we don't have to travel far. That would be cool.

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Saturday, August 11, 2001 4:30 AM
Oblivion cost 12million, POUNDS not dollars. It cost 1million to dig the hole. Its a 180ft drop, with a start height of 65ft. Fantastic stomach-churns on the drop(much stronger than even the freefall towers), but yes far too short. Go out of season, midweek, during school times, you can get on in less than 10 mins.....
Typical of Alton to build short rides though, you seen the track length for AIR??
Saturday, August 11, 2001 6:26 AM
Oblivion is awesome. The drop is the best on any coaster (and I've been on MF and Hypersonic). It holds you almost vertical at the top of the drop for a few seconds before dropping into a pitch-black mist-filled tunnel.

It doesn't bother me that it's short, because it gives you time to enjoy the rush afterwards, and get back in line quicker.

Only one other coaster made me feel like this when the ride came to an end - my first night ride on the Beast.

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Monday, August 13, 2001 5:03 AM

Oblivion's drop feels more like a freefall drop, but it is still very fun. The ride is way too short though.
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