Who Do You Voo Doo? 10/19/08

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Off to Dorney Park on a brisk Sunday, peaking at 56'. Glad I wore jeansfor the first time since April. Into the park about 12:30pm, and a 1train wait for the front seat of Hydra. Running 2 trains. Forgetting mylast review lst fall, is this ride an under acheiver, or stinker, orjust a victim of budget cuts. They have an entire hillside left alone.7.5/10.

Down the hill, and onto Voo Doo. Walk on for last seat. Running 1train. Never got the last one at Geauga Lake, so this was a treat.Also, first time to ride without any October Ohio rain. 9/10. Rode oncemore about 4pm, 2 train wait for 3rd seat.

Laser was closed. RIP Laser, but you are in good hands going to Europe.You will look great with your new paint job. Walk up hill to SteelForce. 3 train wait for next to last car, running 2 trains. Still agreat ride. Its Magum with better trains, but less agressive. 9/10.

Thunderhawk had 1 train running, and a big line. I passed. Took a greatspin on the Zephyr. I asked the ride op why I never see kids runningthe trains. He said they have no love for the throttle. 9/10. Thattrain is better than the Canonball. Which was my next ride. Where doesthis ride go? It needs to go and have like 2 stops. 6/10. This ride canbe so much more.

One spin on Talon, running 2 trains. Waiting 2 trains for 3rd row. Thisis another budget cut ride, but it is intense. 8/10. It needs a paintjob.

As for food, I tried to roasted ear of corn for $5. 7/10. We all satdown in the Game Day Grill to watch the Steelers game. The fried mac& cheese is great, but everything else like popcorn chicken, fries,onion rings, etc were mediocre. Cedar Fair has to step it up here.Playing in the market of Hersheypark and Knoebels, you have to developesignature items pronto. 6/10.

Coaster's Diner with the broken milkshake machine was empty, and thefries looked ho-hum. What is up with the lack of lids? The other standswere deserted, which means season pass holders are not coming out tochow down. That leads to falling per caps.

Games and retail were staffed, and friendly. I scored 14 Laser shotglasses for $10. Overall, with the $10 parking, I give it a 8/10.

Dorney needs to make a sweeping wide midway going down hill, andrelocate some of the has-been flats, like the tilt a whirl, swingaround, and that beat chance carousel to other areas of the park, andbuild a climate controlled food court with good food, not the normalCedar Fair prison food. They should also build a moving walkway thatcuts through Camp Snoopy, as I observe many stroller pushing mama'shuffing and puffing.

Dorney never-ever was designed to traverse the hillside. Read that again if you have questions on what I just said.

The area behind Thunder Canyon across the tracks with beautiful softgrass, and tall trees, should be made into a private beach club withreal cabanas and families to 'just hang' like Morey's Pier's OceanOasis, which would make WWK a nicer place, and break away from theconcrete that is accepted by the clientle.

Cedar Creek Cannonball used to be a better ride. The circuit was about twice as long as it is now and stopped at WWK. With Talon, they made the circuit a lot shorter and got rid of the WWK station.

Same with the Zephyr, I remember when it used to stop at Tot Spot, now that station just sits there empty.

How did you get the Laser shot glasses so cheap? I thought they were $3.99 less 65% off which is $1.39 each.

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