White Lightning Strike on June 5th.....

Actually, with the tropical storm in Florida, there was lightning throughout the day, but the weather cleared enough to commission the ride my company provided to Fin Spot, and then take several spins on WL.

Tucked away in the back corner, it’s the first ride you will find as you enter the new admission plaza to the far right. Signage featuring famous American cross country trains line fencing into a staircase to the loading station.

Shortened 12 passenger trains (2) allow a faster load/unload, and up the hill you go. From the first moment off the lift, the ride is non-stop hustle and excitement. We had some rides in a light rain, and the trains were screaming over the rails.

The out and back course travels down the boundary of the park, over a pedestrian entrance, and does the tight turn-around behind some rides, and basically never lets up until you hit the brake run at full pace. Zero slowdowns here, plenty of airtime, and lots of re-riders getting back in line. Fun Spot was nice enough to let arm band holders re-rides without haveing to exit.

I would compare this coaster as a scaled down Lightning Racer. Full of energy, and full of 10. 10/10.

And plenty of other new toys in the park, including a huge food court, a bar, new games, and food options. Altogether, this makes a great diversion, and now I am sure many visitors will add this to their list of must-sees when they hot Orlando.

Fun Spot...It's HUGE!

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Did you have a chance to ride Freedom Flyer?

I was thinking "standard Vekoma junior invert" - until I rode. Way better, and not just the restraints. Apparently Chance is using Vekoma's patent(s) for something, but between the improved seating/restraints, and the VASTLY improved layout...I was very impressed.

As for White Lightning...let's just say that VERY few trips to Universal will be made without at least a short visit across I-Drive...

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The Freedom Flyer does not go up the lift in the rain we found out with the tire drive motors. I will save for a follow up visit. You are going to see great things from that park in the next few years. Things that will enhance I-Drive. Its an old theory that there has always been room for 'one more' great attraction in the area, and Fun Spot is now on the list.

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