Which One Is taller? SFMM's Or CP's?

Saturday, July 21, 2001 12:08 PM
Which one, of the two new S&S rides at Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain is taller?

"All the good bands are affiliated with Satan." -Bart Simpson
Saturday, July 21, 2001 12:12 PM
The same hight.
Saturday, July 21, 2001 12:37 PM
SFMM has an s&s tower?
Saturday, July 21, 2001 12:53 PM
OMG! As soon as I heard both parks were getting the same attraction, I knew someone would just have to start a controversy over "which one is bigger/better/etc". This doesn't sound like an intentional attempt to start an argument, but puh-lease! [/rant]

They are the same frickin' height!
Saturday, July 21, 2001 12:55 PM
and this matters why/ or how?...Maybe it is time to step away from the computer and step outside.

Closed topic.

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