Which New For 2009 Coaster Are You Most Excited About?

Many parks around the world are adding new coasters for 2009. Which one are you most excited about?

For an entire list from RCDB, follow the link below:

For me it's Diamondback at Kings Island, hands down.

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I'm looking to make it a very GCI summer. Hoping to finally get back up to the Northern reaches of Minnesota, and ride Renegade(Yeah I know it's not new for '09, but it's new to me.), as well as hit up the Convention, and ride Prowler, and Evel Knievel. This might all take place on the same trip, along with Kentucky Rumbler.

In the Fall, I'm looking to head out to California, and join the resistance, to stop the Terminator, and take in a football game. Chargers vs the Eagles.

I typically only make one coaster trip a year and its to Cedar Point but I don't think it will be possible to not make the shorter trip to Kings Island for Diamondback as well. I'm pretty excited to get my first B&M hyper credit as well as a few other rides they've put in since the last time I was there.

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I'd predict that by the time this thread fizzles, Diamondback will clearly be the most anticipated coaster of the year.

Count me for Diamondback too! Kings Island will be my first park of the year.

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Knoebels' Phlying Turns, phar and away....oh, but I am still very happy about Rockit and D-Back...

I'm personally looking forward to that Blue Flash sequel peeps have been clamoring about!!

[DING-DONG!!] I'm here to ride!! ;) And I have the Stella Artois or whatever that dude likes to drink...Woodchuck or something I think I remember.

Definitely has to be Diamondback.

The only one Im very likely to ride: Diamondback.

However Im also excited about the new for me ride Ill be riding this year too: Thunderhead.

I'm hoping to make it to KI for D-back. I'm also plannign a trip to Orlando this summer. Usually we go in the winter, but its too cold for the waterparks then, so we're mostly doing the getting wet thing, but I might thrown in either Manta or Rip Ride, too.

Diamondback all the way. I have a feeling this is going to be my new favorite coaster.

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Diamondback definitely! Flying Turns is up there as well but that will be later this fall. :)


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Of the '09 coasters I'm not going to ride: El Toro.

Of the coasters I might actually ride...hmmm...I don't think I'm going to get to ride any new for '09 coasters. That's what I get for living in Texas and knocking up the Mrs.

I will get my first ride on GAdv's El Toro this year, though.

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I have to say Terminator, since it is the only new coaster I will be riding this year. I would love to ride Diamondback though too, if I could.

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I want to add Manta to the list of coaster I'm interested in. Only reason for not mentioning it previously is that I'm not planning on getting down to Florida this year.

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Definitely Cedar Point's new...oh, wait.

Diamondback, I guess. RRR would be great as well...if they actually finish it.


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Manta and Rockit for me :-) Diamond Back Schmianondback! I'm bitter cause I'm so far away

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Grovers Express!! Weeeeeeee!!!

Prowler but it's so far away.

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