Wheres the Fright? GE 10/5

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The day started out with me having a soccer game. I started as right fullback and we won 2-1. From there we went to a family get together and finaly to the Great Escape at about 6 PM. The only other time I have ever been to the park was when I was about 5 or 6 so I do not remember much about it.
I had also never been to a halloween event at a park before either.
When we got there I was amazed at the amount of cars in the parking lot. They also had a boy scout council's Camporee at the park this weekend. Once we got in and going though the people were not that bad. There was not that much in the way of halloween stuff though. They made a big to do about this being there "Fright Fest" yet there was not much to indicate it in the park other than banners. I was dissapointed in that. They had one haunted house called Skull Manor though. I unforenitly never got to go in due to a one hour line. I did however get on the three coasters that they had running. The first one I went on was the Boomerang.
I am in the minority in that I love these rides. This one inpeticular though. It had nice themeing(Shrubary etc.) and was the smoothest I have been on. The longest I waited for this was two trains. Then I was on to the Comet.
I have heard so much about this ride but have never been on it before tonight. I saw that the line was only in the station and decided to go on. To me it looked like maybe a 10-15 minute line but it turned out to be half an hour. They were only running one train and the ride op's did what they could but with the system they had going could not do much to speed it up. This rude was great though. It was the smoothest wooden coaster I have been on. It did lack the one thing that I due love though, Ejector air. The whole ride was nice floater air but nothing too extreme. Still a great ride though.
Next up was the Steamon' Demon. this is a regular old run of the mill Arrow looping coasters. A loop and two corckscrews. It was however very smooth and very fun. Plus they let us just sit in the seat and go around and around, which was nice instead of having to get back in line.
The whole park was open but only a few rides were. I did not like the loading procedures of any of the rides whatso ever. They could have been done so much faster with the same amount of saftey.
I will say that compared to the other two six flags parks that I have been to this one was upkept the best. All of the rides were in mint condition(even for being used and in some cases old) and the park was just nice to look at with the scenery. This impressed me a lot. Overall I had a great time but I wish there was more to do in the way of halloween stuff and rides in general.
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