Where is this coaster? New at Paige's Crossing, Columbia City, Indiana.


That is the link to Paige's Crossing in Columbia City, Indiana.

Here is the link directly to the other pictures.

I'd like to see more pictures of this coaster but I don't know where it is located in these pictures.

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Is that a kiddie coaster or is it just not showing the rest of the layout?
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It's a Wisdom kiddie coaster.
It looks ALMOST identical to Woodstock Express at CP>

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Those pictures are just generic pics from the Wisdom Web site. The layout will likely look very similar to this http://rcdb.com/ig3330.htm?picture=1
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Yeah...if Woodstock's Express was about 1/3 the height, about 1/4 the length, and only consisted of a lift, drop, and helix.

The two rides are NOTHING alike.

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