Where in the WORLD is Kings Islands Antique Autos?

I know that a lot people enjoyed the antique autos while they were at KI. I just wanted to let you know that all of us at WOF want to thank you for your donation of almost the entire fleet to our park for the 2007 season. I got to see the fleet first hand yesterday when I took an off season tour of WOF and they were all lined up just outside the main gate.

Question though: Is this the entire fleet or is there more out there somewhere since there were two tracks at one time at KI was there not?

I know a lot of you guys are dying to know what is going on in the park -- well now you can see for yourself.

You can see the cars in the first 5 photos


Nice to see that they'll actually see some use now.

There were two tracks. One was closed around 1997. I believe the cars from them were used for parts/integrated into the others. So that should be the entire fleet of cars.

Brandon Stanley did not know if they will be integrated into, replace the current, or be cannibalized as they (the park) had not decided yet.
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I thought that they may have sent some of the cars to geauga lake. Geauga lake has the same style cars, but need more.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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Q: "Where in the WORLD is Kings Islands Antique Autos?"

A: Ask Carmen Sandiego! ;)

^I wondered if anyone would catch that. Leave it to Bill to be first to say it. ;)
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I was going to if Bill didn't. ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

I hope some of them go to VF. They have the worst car ride I've ever ridden.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

I agree that Valleyfair's autos are terrible. The car I was in ran very rough and limped along the course. I was somewhat surprised it made it through.
Not to mention the poor kids have to stand up to even be able to push down the foot pedal -- not the safest thing in the world for the little ones.

I thought that KI was going to reinstall them? I guess that plan changed at some point?
I thought that the other set ended up at Lake Winnie a few years ago...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

I didn't know that Lake Winnie had antique cars. I was there in 2003... or maybe it was 2004. I didn't notice them then. Was I blind, or were they added after that?
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Kind of funny seeing Kings Island's antique cars in the same photo as a B&M coaster...

Dental Plan! Lisa Needs Braces.

I worked at KD, and I was the Sup for the cars there. I love working this ride"

"No seat switching, No stopping, and No bumping - have a great ride"

I was told the cars are crazy expensive, and realy not worth replacing.

Really? They seem as though they'd cost no more to maintain than go-karts, which most parks and pretty much all FECs have in abundance. Unless there's something I'm missing?
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^ Go-karts are upcharges, so they're generating their OWN income. Just a thought...
Still... it's a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. It's not like the thing uses complex sensors and some kind of crazy restraint system. Heck, the ride ops advance the vehicles by standing on the running boards and pressing the gas pedal! I could be missing something, but antique cars seem as though they'd be cheap to maintain compared to many other rides.
There's also the cost of gas you have to consider. Electric cars that run on a track (like Dollywood's or Lake Compounce's cars) would probably be cheaper to run on a daily basis. Plus, you get music!

That is true, I didn't think of that. I didn't realize that LC was adding electric cars (thought they were gas).

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