When is the last time you went on a double ferris wheel?

Its been 7 years for me. It was at the Ohio State Fair. It may have been the last time they had one. In Ohio I can't find them anywhere anymore. In the 1970s we had one at our county fair every year plus Cedar Point had one as well as the Ohio State Fair.

I think a place in Florida has a premanet one set up

This ride actually has a thrill to it. If you go over the top just right you can get a free fall feeling. Its a lot of fun. Plus they are nice to look at.

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There are quite a few fairs here in Michigan that still have one.

I agree, I really enjoy this ride as well.

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Fun Spot in Kissimmee put one in last year. I also saw a beautiful, recently refurbished ride a couple years ago at the Minnesota State Fair. We rode and it was still the same creaky, scary ride.

We miss the one that played the Ohio State Fair, too. We heard it got to be a little hard on them maintenance-wise and it was sold.

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Fun Spot in Kissimmee is the only one I've ever ridden (or seen operating in person)...finally got to ride it a couple weeks ago, LOVED it.

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My last one was also at the Ohio State Fair, but that's probably been 15 years for me. It's a very different experience... I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

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Geeeeee...for me it had to be back in the late 70s at the old Hagerstown, Maryland City Fair. Their double wheel for the longest time was the centerpiece of the fair and it was a permanent fixture, that and perhaps two or three other rides though during the fair itself there were many many more rides. There was talk for a time about the fairgrounds installing a permanent steeel coaster too, since the fiargrounds was used for other events such as the Washington County Home Show ( which did feature rides ), it would had made sense. Alas by the early 80s, the fairgrounds went bankrupt and the Hagerstown Fair was history though the tradition somewhat continues in the next county with the Great Frederick Fair.

I think the better question is, "Who has one?" I know Fun Spot in Kissimmee has one, and I know Amusements of America sold theirs, but I don't know who they sold it to (that's the one that was playing the Ohio State Fair).


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Mid america shows has one.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Dave - I heard Big A sold theirs to a show in Mexico or someplace, but I coulda swore the one we rode in Minnesota was the same one. I know Sky Wheels tend to look alike, but it was something about the seats, or the colors that made me think so. Minnesota is an independant show, and I can't for the life of me remember who booked it on, but they had a sign in front of the ride proclaiming it's classic status along with a story about the restoration process. That's all I can think of off hand.

The Sky Wheel is the ride I love to hate. Since I saw my first one at Cedar Point I've been fascinated with them, and I usually climb aboard whenever I see one, (exception - Kissimmee), and when I do I'm totally frozen with fear the whole ride. Something about the constant flexing and creaking of the ride when it runs makes me uneasy. I rode one once that slightly twisted from side to side as it went and I prayed the whole time that it would stop.

I would love to get on a double wheel again. Last time I was on one I must have been a teenager, many moons ago. What a blast those things are/were.

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I belive Wade shows still travels with a Sky Wheel. As well Strates still owns theirs, but I have not seen it on their midway in a few years. The last one I was one was back in 1999 on the Powers Great American midway at my hometown fair. Terrifying to the point that I have seen a couple since and did not have the courage to try it again! LOL

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

The other ride I would love to see sometime is a Rampage, made by Watkins.




It looks like it might be a blast, but I've never seen one operate. Does anyone know where any still exist? There's Tempests and Hustlers still out there, but I've never heard of one of these.

The Iowa State Fair has one, in fact the fair is going on right now.

Time to get another roller coaster credit as I heard they have a new spinning mouse.

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I am terrified of double ferris wheels.

I remember the one @ CP from the 60's. I never rode it though; not sure if that was a parental decision or a park one. Kind of funny to think back and remember people considering it one of the biggest thrill rides in the park at the time.

It was, RGB! And CP painted it such lovely colors, light blue, green and pink with yellow light bulbs. It had a decent cycle thru the 60's but in it's last years it didnt even go around 1 time - just kept continually loading and unloading!

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This and Tobaggan are two flats I've always been fascinated by, but never had the privelege to ride. I remember visiting my aunt in San Diego when I was 9 and seeing one at night from the freeway over at the Del Mar Fair. Unfortunately, our plans that evening didn't involve the fair. My consolation was riding the mechanical horse ride for a quarter at Strawhat Pizza. ;)

Speaking of which, when I was really young, before fantasizing about having a backyard carnival, I thought I'd love to have every 25 cent ride featured out front of K-marts. What weird items those were that you just don't see anymore.

http://www.kiddieridesusa.com/products_rides.php (looks like I would have needed a HUGE backyard!)

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RatherGoodBear said:
I remember the one @ CP from the 60's.

Here's a video that begins with about 10 seconds of CP's Sky Wheel from 1964.

I wasn't born until the 70's but I vaguely remember it from the late 70's/early 80's.

Nice find, Gonch. My favorite park of the video was the lady wearing the babushka while driving the Cadillac Cars. Followed closely by the guy doing the little dance in front of the fountain near the end.

IIRC, the double wheel was toward the front of the park near the Space Spiral. Somewhere in our family's film vault are reels that include footage from CP around 1966-67. I really should do some research and get those put into a more usable format.

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