When is Thanksgiving not about Turkey?

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[WARNING: This is long winded]

When it's about the most amazing, indescribably sweet wooden roller coaster, ever.

Most everyone knows what I'm talking about. If you don't, you've probably not been on the Voyage yet. I was in your shoes until last Saturday, September 16th.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I told nmy good buddy Sean that I hadn't been down to the 'World yet this year because I'd spent a few months searching for a new job. Well, I've since started work for a great computer consulting/ASP hosting company, so he decided that it was time to change that. (the Holiday World visit, not the job scenario).

I knew the Voyage was going to be sweet, and I'd briefly watched the videos, but I wanted to be surprised, so I didn't pay much attention at all. It doesn't really matter anyway, because the video does absolutely NO justice to the ride whatsoever. NONE.

It's been 3 years since I'd been to Holiday World. The last time I visited wasn't the most pleasant way to remember it by, either.

Jen and I hopped in my little red civic on Friday night and headed for Columbus. She was afraid she wasn't going to have any fun because she was heading in to the middle of nowhere Indiana, to a place she's never seen nor heard of. I, on the other hand, was like a little kid, for lack of a better description, on Christmas eve.

We got there and hung out watching videos and just having a good time, remembering that we had to leave for Santa Claus at 7:00 AM - or did we forget that part? oops, OK it's 2:30 AM, and we have to get up in 3 hours. This will make for a great day in the sun. :)

I'll skip the details, but the whole way down Sean told me all these little things that made the Voyage so great, without actually spilling the details of the ride. I was a bit nervous that the ride might have been a little over-hyped, but at this point, I believe that is next to impossible.

We arrive at HW and I see it from the road in all it's amazing glory. The hill is so steep, it just looks amazing. It's not running.

Disappointing, but after a stop to make sure the "waterless urinals" were still intact, I looked over and sure enough, there it was. We very quickly made our way to Thanksgiving, and I caught my first glimpse of the train "coming home" and my jaw about dropped. Keep in mind this was 10:30 in the morning and it wasn't even warm yet.

Jen, well, Jen's a little scared of things like this. She's more of a Raven-sized coaster kind of girl so she decides she is going to pass until I've taken my first ride and reported the outcome back to her (what a sweet girlfriend:)).

Nervously, I sat in the 2nd seat from the back and strapped myself in. I wasn't sure what I was in store for at all. I'd heard that the ride literally takes your breath away, resulting in some light-headedness and it sure does.

I never get this excited for rides, but if there's one ride I will call myself an "Enthusiast" for/of, it's the Voyage. Flat out amazing, unstoppable, intense, and without a doubt the MOST fun I've ever had on a roller coaster out of all that I've ridden. Speaking of, while sitting on a bench, I realized that the Voyage was the 300th coaster I've ever ridden. I don't keep an active count past what I once counted up on here, but everything seems to point in that direction.

I came off my first ride, and immediately told Jennifer that she would LOVE it. She didn't believe me, but the line was a 1-2 train wait, so she walked through with me while she "thought it out". When the air gates opened, she sat down and buckled the seatbelt in the 3rd seat of the train. I was all for her trying it at least once, but I knew she would have as much fun as I did. Little did I know, she was going to love it even more.

This was evidenced by the time she was riding and she smacked her ankle on a bolt in the train. She limped off the ride, grabben a cup of ice, limped back over to the entrance and said "I'm riding this again, I don't care how much it hurts". She actually rode about 4 more times after that until she decided to sit down for a few minutes and a kid with a basketball came along dribbling and showing off. Wouldn't you know it, where did that basketball hit?

Yup, right on the Ankle. Those first aid folks sure are nice there. :) (this happened at 5:00, and it was a 6:00 closing)

After my first 2 rides, I was kind of beat and cross eyed, and I needed some food. The walk up the hill to Kringle's Cafe was a tough one. The only way I can describe my first 2 rides on the Voyage is that it's like a cold pool on a hot day - It's really awesome and refreshing and it's the best thing you could think of doing at that moment, except there's a really strong current and you have to swim against it. That's all I can say. Simply breathtaking.

We did the other rides in the park and relaxed, had some pizza and french fries (who would have though those 2 were good together?) Said hi to Paula, who was extremely busy with the Colbert Report crew - I'm glad I got to say hi, though you did look very busy, Paula. :)And I enjoyed countless back-to-back cups of Gatorade and Water throughout the day. The rest of the park was typical, clean, friendly Holiday World.

There's plenty of other details, but I just realized how long this is getting so I can skip those.

Let's just say Holiday World has a real winner on their hands, it's an absolutely amazing ride, and honestly, one of the most fun things I've ever done. Jen has been begging me to go back before closing weekend this year, and I'm probably going to make it. In the 3 years I couldn't make it back, I had forgotten what a wonderful place it really is to spend a day.

If you haven't made the trek out for the Voyage, or if you haven't been to Holiday World, I strongly encourage it. You'll probably find that you're as glad as I am that they put an Oasis that close to the Voyage exit. :)


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Voyage is as sweet as a Butterball my friend! :)

I loved your TR, Josh! The "swimming against the current" is a good description of the "return" part of the ride. It's intense but in a good, seductive sorta way. ;)

Glad you finally got to ride it! And yes, that Oasis near Voyage is VERY useful especially when you need to take a break! ;)


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Glad you liked it, Tina.

I'm thinking about skipping on PPP this year in favor of another HW trip, but I don't know yet.

Jen's sure in favor of it. :) I do want to get her to Knoebels and Dorney, though.


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I was wondering where you were at Holliwood Nights, Josh.

Good to see things are looking up in your life!

I have never laughed so much on a coaster until I rode Voyage! I know exactly how you feel!

Hows that Civic running? My Accord turned over 193,000 miles.

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The Civic is doing great. It's only got 40,000 miles on it :).

I didn't have to take it all the way to HW, but I would have because it gets 46 MPG.

I took my first trip to Holiday World this summer. Voyage is sweet. I didn't get Raven or Legend, they were good but not great. Voyage rocked though, probably my favorite coaster.
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The Legend used to be my favorite coaster there (aside from Holidog's Howler:)). This year, it was running amazingly well, but It was just "eh" now.

Good stuff RP! I wish I wasn't twenty hours away from that ride. Oh well, ill just wish upon a shooting star. ;)

Is it really is that amazing? Not fair at all.

I bet your OL was right into you after that day buddy. That's how you take care of a girl. So many people these days are expecting things from a relationship when all you need to do is put in some effort. That doesn't pertain to everyone, but you are a good guy for taking care of her. Two thumbs up from me buddy.

Ive never talked to you before, but from reading your post I can tell you have your head screwed on your shoulders correctly and the right attitude.

Keep it up! Oh and just to in-lighten you a bit more, that's in my top three best TR ive scrolled through in the past month.

That's enough dude, I don't even give myself that many up's. ;)


I call Holiday World my "1-2-3 Park" by virtue of having my No. 1 Wood Out and Back (Voyage), my No. 2 Wood Twister (Legend) and my No. 3 Wood Out and Back (Raven). :)

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Josh, you and your girl need to come to PPP! Flyers On Crack, buddy! :) ;)


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Yeah, I know. Finding a spot to camp is the tough one at this point, though. It's $36 a night, 2 night minimum and I won't be there more than 1 night - so it'll be $80 to camp one night and that doesn't seem worth it to me at all, you know?

Who knows - PPP always has a way of working itself out every year so maybe I'll still go.

did you try looking into lincoln state park for camping? it is right down the road from holiday world; i stayed there during a trip this past summer and it was very close and the people were real friendly and the price was right
I got myself out to Holiday World back in July. I had a real nice time (but didn't cream myself over the park like lots of other people do), but it wasn't until I rode The Voyage that the park really blew me away. Flat out, the most intense, exciting coaster I've ever been on. Simply the most incredible riding experience I've ever had.

And yes, it's the new #1. :)

I agree with all that's been said. Anticipointment need not apply here. Believe the hype. It's THAT good.

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