whats your favorite ride experience?

I want to know what your favorite ride "experience" is. What I mean by that is what is your favorite individual ride on any attraction (not only roller coasters). Examples of your favorite ride experience could be you first ride on top thrill dragster, the time you rode the beast at night (that's my favorite), or the time you rode summit plummit at blizzard beach. There's many others and I want your input.

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My first rollback on kimgda ka. It was amazing

Kyle Bronwster said:

My first rollback on kimgda ka. It was amazing

I've never been to six flags great adventure but I've been to Cedar Point. Does kinda ka feel a lot different than Top Thrill Dragster?

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Probably worse. It's in New Jersey.

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I actually did a trip I went to cedar kennywood knObles hershy and six flags and will post a trip back when I'm not on my iPhone. But they are actually about the same thing just kingda ka is a little bit bumpy then ttd. Other then that they are about the same ride.

Many of my favorites are "firsts":

1) First time on El Toro and Kingda Ka.
2) First time on a drop tower in 13 years (Dominator, Dorney Park) and actually loving it.
3) First rides on Mummy, Spiderman, and Harry Potter.
4) First launch ride: Storm Runner, Hersheypark.
5) Great Bear at Hershey opening only to the employees.

Just to name a few. Great topic. Love threads like this...makes me happy and nostalgic.

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Among my Highlights:

Taking the Roller Coaster at Edgewater Park in Michigan for its final ride in 1981.

Riding the Wildcat at Idora Park during a Thunderstorm.

Being interviewed by the BBC after riding the Grand National at Blackpool.

Being one of the first persons to ride Cedar Point's Magnum XL-200

Being one of the first persons to ride the Shiekra at Busch Gardens

Being invited to be an "Extra" for a Commercial Shoot at Sea World (And getting to enjoy the Park for FREE afterwards!)

Doing the same thing at Disney's Animal Kingdom (And getting to enjoy that park for FREE Afterwards, along with a Pass to enjoy one of the other parks for FREE).

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For me it is...Riding the tower of terror for first time. Riding raven at holiday world in a thunderstorm. Or riding the beast at night.

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My favorite ride experience would have to be, one Friday night during Geauga Lake's Halloween Haunt. My brother and I were on X-flight going up the lift hill, it was a full moon,you could see the whole park. It was a clear night and the park was foggy,there was a buzz in the air. The park wasn't busy at all, we did all the haunts and all the rides several times .It was a perfect night.I really miss Geauga Lake,it was one of my families favorite parks.


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2009 Fall Affair thunderstorm Voyage ride. Nuff' said.

I'm sheriff of this here rollercoaster.

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Kissing a friend on Mean Streaks lift was a roller coaster experience I will never forget!

Better on the lift than any other place on the circuit, unless you don't particularly value your teeth/jawbone/nasal structure...

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LostKause said:

Kissing a friend on Mean Streaks lift was a roller coaster experience I will never forget!

I suspect you were kissing them goodbye, realizing what you would be facing over the next few minutes.

My favorite ride experience is any ride that I can walk by all the minions waiting in stand-by lines, while I have my fast-lane, q-bot, flash pass, etc.

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My favorite experience to this date is probably arriving at Knoebels with my wife after a fierce thunderstorm, setting up camp and riding Phoenix first thing in almost complete darkness. Those rides set a new standard for excellence in wooden coasters for me.

Mine came in September, 2001, a few days after the attacks of 9-11. My parents, my sister and I had previously made plans to attend Cedar Point for its Millennium event. After the initial shock, grief and incomprehension, we debated whether to follow through with the plans.

In the end, we decided that we needed normalcy and sanity and quality time as a family in that dark time. So we went. I don't think any of us were wild about the idea or anticipating our usual spirits at an amusement park. But somehow it was important to us--not exactly 'not letting the terrorists win', more some kind of reassurance for ourselves.

A bare two or three hundred souls showed up for the event that evening. I no longer remember which specific coasters were open, other than MF and Raptor. On the latter, I vividly recall going up the lift, the four of us spread across the front row. The pennants were blowing and the sky was darkening toward nightfall and the park was quiet and still below.

And suddenly I had an epiphany about the fragility and transience of a life. The realization that even if disease or misfortune doesn't strike you or your loved ones down before their time, that at its best life is a fleeting process, with no harness or lap bar to hold onto for the ride, and no brake to stop or slow the journey until the very end. I recall wondering if that very evening might even be the last such I would get to experience with my family--no husbands or wives, no kids...just Mom, Dad, sis and I.

As we crested the lift, I decided that all we have in life are moments of joy, separated by many other moments of not-joy. And the most we can do is seize the joy when the moment arises. So I screamed like a kid as we dropped into the loop for the umpteenth-hundredth time in my life.

As it turned out, my wondering was correct. The story doesn't end with the ironic loss of a family member in the months following. No, we're all still here. But Dad was (and is) getting older, and his knees and ankles bother him too much for a day at a park. Mom's slowing down too, while my sister's husband developed MS and needs constant attending. And I too, have my own distraction: my lovely daughter, who arrived in December that same year. So that was and probably ever will be the last time that particular family comes together like that again.

That was my favorite ride experience.

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Excellent post, Smith. I very much enjoyed that.

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DejaVuNitro said:

2009 Fall Affair thunderstorm Voyage ride. Nuff' said.

Very much agreed. That was simply insane.

But also my first ride on Millennium Force. It's super cliche by now, but at that time I was riding all the really big rides, and I remember nearing the top of the lift, looking down at the lake, and instantly white-knuckling my hands to the handle on the seat in front of me. That honestly scared the crap out of me (okay, maybe not literally), and I think it'll always be my favorite coaster because of it.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

Thanks, Travis.

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Ensign, that was beautiful. I too enjoyed reading it.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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