Whats up with RCDB and coaster counts?

^ I second rablat5's deffinition... So it's settled. Let's move on. (Hey ONLY two people agreeing in this debate is better than has ever happened before!)

Now about SFMM's Superman.....

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I can simplify rablat5's rules to a one line:

1. Each different physical set of coaster rails you ride on is a seperate credit.

That's pretty much how I count as well.

At this point the only remaining grey area comes from hybrid-type rides and modified rides. Let's just stick to rablat's "50% rule" and now there's no grey area:

1a. A hybrid-style ride must be >50% coaster to count.

1b. A modified ride must be >50% new layout to count. (Phantom would count, SOB wouldn't)

I do agree that everyone should just count as they please, but if you're looking for a hard set of rules, then the above covers it with beautiful simplicity.

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^Now I *still* need to go measure trackage on the JtAs, on KerSplash, and I guess look REALLY closely at pics of BuzzSaw Falls.

Pretty sure those rules DO disqualify Timber Mtn. Log Ride...

Thanks for the support, Gonch and SLFAKE.

To each his own, I suppose, but I think some people become credit whores and take things to ridiculous levels sometimes, such as counting gravity powered dark rides, log flumes, etc. Heck, if you want to get that crazy, just hop in your car, drive to a hill, throw it in neutral, and let 'er roll. But we all know this is ridiculous.

In an age of new ride types, hybrids, etc., sometimes it's hard to decide if something can count as a rollercoaster or not. But if you use the >50% rule of thumb, then this could help settle things for some people.

Maybe they should settle this at the next IAAPA convention, or maybe the next Coaster Con :P

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