Whats to come for Busch Gardens in 2010

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For those interested in things going on at BGW in 2010.

Some cool events including nightly fireworks and changes to corkscrew hill with a new attraction.


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Wow...it's like you know someone who works there or something :)

(Hi Ken!)

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The dipping dots guy...

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Well tell "him" I say hello :)

Looks interesting, for sure. We're going to be in Williamsburg for a week at the end of June/beginning of July, and will be spending a good chunk of time here.

As an aside, for folks looking for something to do this summer, the bounce ticket looks like a pretty darn good deal. $98 adults/$82 kids for seven consecutive days and parking at the two busch parks, plus colonial williamsburg. And, "kid" goes all the way up through 17. You can leave colonial willamsburg off (or just do the free stuff there) for even less.

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Wow. I can't imagine spending 7 straight days in Williamsburg unless I was a student at W&M or something...

We took our kids to Williamsburg for 4 days a couple of years ago. Spent a couple of days at Colonial Williamsburg, a day at Busch Gardens and a day at Water USA. My kids would have preferred to spend more time at the two parks. Temps were in the high 90s the entire time we were there which didn't help and we had come from a few days touring around DC. 7 consecutive days there would be tough.

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...and on the flip side, my sister, her kids, and my parents went on a 2-week U.S. History vacation and spent three days in Williamsburg. Two days of historical sites and one day for the kids at Busch. Guess what favorite uncle flew a red eye from Los Angeles to Richmond, spent the day at the park with them, and flew home on a 5am flight the next morning so he could get back to the office and work that day?

U-huh....Los Angeles to Richmond and a day at Busch in well under 48 hours :)

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I love Busch Gardens and Water Country. I could easily spend 7 consecutive days at the two parks and Williamsburg. ...And for under $100, it's a steal. The largest chunk of money would go to the hotels, even if you stayed at the Motel 6 in Williamsburg.

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Mamoosh said:

U-huh....Los Angeles to Richmond and a day at Busch in well under 48 hours :)

Helps when he walked on rides without having to wait in the queue.. :)

ahh.. the dipping dots guy..

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My dad having to use a wheel chair due to a twisted ankle didn't hurt either, lol.

Ive easily spent 5 days doing the three parks, could very easily do 7. But in addition to being a coaster nut, Im a history buff as well.

We've got a 4 bedroom unit at Powhatan, including a private hot tub, and invited some friends from our grad school/residency days to join us for the week. We're not all-day every-day in-the-park sorts of people, and tend to take them at a more relaxed pace spread out over a longer period of time. Staying in condos rather than hotel rooms makes that a lot easier. We've done similar sorts of trips to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Wisconsin Dells, etc. and it works well for us.

I park hop at Williamsburg more then I ever do at Disney. Usually Im at one place in the morning, and one in the evening and sometimes I do all 3 in one day.

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