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Thursday, January 16, 2003 2:48 PM

Whats the most pain in the @$$ thing you have done in NoLimits just to make your coaster look good or run smoothly? Right now i'm working on a recreation of the "Machine" from the movie "Contact" for my coaster thats gonna have a Contact theme. It's so frustrating to make those stupid rings, they never come out right!

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Thursday, January 16, 2003 3:59 PM
Soggy's avatar I wish I had more time to design in NL, my job keeps me too damn busy. So the most pain in the butt thing I've done was do a massive custom supprt scheme that would be for the portable coaster I never finished for Ride Op's contest a year ago. (wow, what a run-on sentence) It looked like something a portable ride would have, too.

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Thursday, January 16, 2003 7:15 PM
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Custom supports are a real pain in the (you know what) that ive run into so far.

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Friday, January 17, 2003 11:00 AM
Custom corkscrews that don't have G spikes... that is not an easy task.

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