whats 121 ft high and drops into a dark hole?

well its dollywoods newest roller coaster due to open in 2007 they are already starting to build it up, they have named it the Mystery Mine Ride, I belive its going to be be a new area of the park behind Timber Canyon. So i said all of that to ask you this,

Do you know of any other rollercoasterthat drops from a broken tressel?

I don't know any that drop from a tressel or a "trestle" ;)

But I know there are a few B&M dive coasters around...perhaps this is what you are thinking of?

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

A HillBilly Oblivion,sounds good to me!
We're hitting Pigeon forge next summer. I'm already counting the days.

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I don't know any details, but, a tilt coaster from Vekoma? Just a stab in the dark.


How about this one?


That is the only one I can think of and it's SBNO.

Yeah is Good!
Perhaps something like this would fit the bill:


Based upon the answers to your question, there is obviously some confusion.

Were you asking what type of coaster we think/know this is going to be? Or were you asking if there are any other coasters that have similar theming (which is what I thought you were asking)?

Several people seem to think that it will indeed be a Eurofighter as this has been discussed before. I highly doubt a Vekoma Tilt-coaster, although that would work perfectly with a breaking trestle theme. A B&M doesn't seem right either. Those cars are awefully big to be themed as a mine car. The Gerstlauers, on the other hand, would fit the bill perfectly.

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How about checking out some of the newest information on the rumor you are discussing. The park is releasing a series of films that will cuminate July 7th. This is a film serial that tells the story of Tennessee's Mystery Mine. The serial will be release a segment every Friday during June. Part one of the series on the Tennessee mine mystery went up this morning. It is on googlevideo, ifilm.com, youtube and other places.

See www.mysterymine.com for more information.

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Dammit, Invy beat me to it.

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I was halfway through the video, when I had to help someone at work and I never got back to it (darn work, earning my paycheck...). I like the part where the girl said something like "You're full of peaches." Dollywood–keeping it clean for the family.
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She said beans, not peaches.
Sounds neat.


I'm just thinking that it would be totally incredible to have a launch like Powder Keg over that medium sized hill, and then dropping straight down 120+ feet into a mine shaft. But I hope we'll be able to get a two minute ride time on it.

My biggest beef with Sheikra and Oblivion-type coasters is that they are so short, not quite as bad as Dragster or Ka, but too short still. Awww, who am I kidding, I'll make the trip to ride it no matter what it is!

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I wouldn't call Sheikra "short" by any means. It's no Voyage, but it's a decent length for what it is.
Thanks moosh, I couldn't remember what she said. Like I said, I only watched it once.
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If it had been in the 200 ft. range I would have guessed Magnum + the huge sink hole currently engulfing it.
it Sure is going to beat that ;international festival; or whatever! they had new a year ago!
I stand corrected Money B. My hands were typing faster than the brain was thinking. But Oblivion, way too short.

I for one, thought the International Festival was pretty cool. Granted, I was there for the coasters, but the festival made for a really fun atmosphere. Plus FYI, you didn't need the bold print to make your point.

Now officially a Halloween Haunt Cornstalker for Fall '08! www.freewebs.com/chadmicah

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