what will/should CF do w/ the remaining rides, attractions & GL infastructure?

ferris wheel, flats, observation tour, boomerang, 4d theater, kids climbing area, water fountain, buildings; relocated or scrapped? Besides the wood coasters for sale has anyone heard anything?
Well the carousel is headed to a midwest park. There are rumors of some of the other flats going to the same park OR the OTHER midwest park.

Boomerang is supposedly going in a park in 09

How bout shove it up their hungry corporate money seekin as*holes? it's "reality." They just made a bunch of non-friends.
^^How about the Wipeout, Spider, and the Hay Bailer?
I think SFGADV would like its Pirates' Flight back. I thought we lost our chance to get it back when Six Flags divorced itself from Geauga but here it is again. We need flats.
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This has been discussed to death. Do we really need another thread on it?

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Closed topic.

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