What Rides does PKI close?

Saturday, April 27, 2002 10:37 AM

If weather gets bad at PKI, eg. rain, wind, lightning, what rides do they close? I am just curious because I am going tomorrow.

Thanks a lot

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Saturday, April 27, 2002 6:19 PM
I was there all today and nothing ever closed. Of course there was no lightning but there was a steady to hard rain for around 6 hours. If there is lightning most all the coasters close and thge flats will continue to run. Wind - If high drop zone has a chance of closing but everything else is not effected much. Hope that helps
Saturday, April 27, 2002 9:52 PM

Heavy Rain: Vortex (due to speed of the coaster, I guess they think it is fast ;)), Drop Zone (Due to the breaking mechanism), Son of Beast, King Cobra (had to add it, it lives on), Previously the Beast, but with the new fin breaks I doubt it.

Lightning (within like one mile of the park): Vortex, Beast, SOB, Face-Off, Top Gun, Racer and E-racer, Drop Zone, Extreme Sky-Flier, King Cobra (RIP), Rugrats Runaway Reptar, Scoobys Ghostercoaster and usually The other non covered rides in the park and the Eifle Tower. Only when lightning is close and appears to be threatening.

On the 28 look for the park to have normal oporations with maybe some interuptions in rides for short downpoors. The rain will probably move out around noon or 1 so not many people will show up at the park. Hold out if they do close the majority of the rides because I know PKI. When it does stop raining. You will have the park to yourself. Not many people stay during storms. Have fun!

Sunday, April 28, 2002 11:56 AM
Well, Beast did close in the rain, but not anymore!

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Sunday, April 28, 2002 12:43 PM


I have ridden Drop Zone in a downpour before. Soon after, they closed it but it wasn't due to the brakes. Since the ride uses magnetic braking, it really shouldn't matter. I am not sure why they do close it though. If lightning is in the area, I know they close that ride very quickly. It's been struck before.


Sunday, April 28, 2002 1:49 PM
When I went to PKI they only had 6 or 7 rides open besides Hanana Barbera. And what made things even worse was the fact that Tomb Raider broke down. It was horrible and I was very mad. I still think I should get a refund........

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Sunday, April 28, 2002 2:45 PM
Just got back and Drop Zone and Face Off were both shut down. Drop Zone was probably shut down because of the very high winds, you could hear the wind howling all the way from the passenger drop off area at one time (very freaky). But I have no clue why Face Off wasn't working.
Monday, April 29, 2002 9:29 AM
Face/Off was not in operation because of the high winds. With winds of that magnitude, it will cause the train to miscatch on either of the lifts. Also there was a small electrical problem in the morning, but it was fixed by noon.

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Monday, April 29, 2002 9:33 AM
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Sean, thinking that perhaps with the speed of the drop on DZ, they'd be worried you'd hit the "critical 88 mph" when the lightning struck, and you'd have a bunch of riders travelling thru time....:)...(actually this is the spot for one of your famous "hair-raising" emoticons)!....

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