What not to miss at Hershey

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My girlfriend and I are finally gonna get to Hershey this weekend. Being 3.5 hours away we should be ashamed for never going.

We know all the coasters, the log flume and chocolate world, but what else is there that we might pass by on our way to something else? Is there a great place to eat that might not seem so great on the map?

Also, what coasters should we hit in the am before the crowds pick up? My plan is to ride a bunch first thing then take it easy for the rest of the day, and riding the woodies at night. If someone has a better idea let me know!


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Being in Central PA you're going to be in an area that is a foodie's dream, it's tough to pinpoint just one place to eat.

Can I ask where you're driving from?

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We are going to the Troegs brewery on Saturday. Food suggestions outside the park are welcome as well.

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I don't know much about eating right around Hershey but there is a local chain, Isaac's Deli which has always proven really tasty and consistent for me, and there's one near the park.

If I were looking for something quick and nearby that's what I would do. Or drive to Knoebels for dinner. :)

Knoebels is worth a dinner trip. :)

If you have never been to Knoebels you should go,not that far from Hershey.

You should enjoy just about everything at Hershey,it is a very nice park.

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Being sentimental for amusement park railways, I would definitely not miss a spin on the Dry Gulch Railroad. Not too many amusement parks still have actual, live steam trains in operation anymore, and this is certainly worth a spin. Plus, it gives you a neat birds eye view of portions of the park from its trestles. Also unique and along a similar vain is the park monorail. These are both good suggestions for right after a big meal in the park when you want to slow down for a minute or two.
Even if you're not into waterparks, the Boardwalk is neat just to walk through. The Kissing Tower is another "should do" for the view. I've never been to Zoo America, but it is included with your admission, if that appeals to you. It's accessible by bridge right near the Kissing Tower.

As far as offsite eating, if you like to try "local" places (non-chain), there are a number of decent places heading east on Chocolate Avenue (Duke's and Dmitri's are good). Just about every chain is represented somewhere in the Hershey area. For places a step up from the typical fast food place, I like Hoss's or Red Robin. Hoss's is in Hummelstown off of 322, RR is just outside the park, visible from Lightning Racer.

Have a great time!

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I didn't know they have a steam train. I love any park with an old Arrow mine train and a nice train ride. does the ride transport or does it just loop?

The steam train is just a loop, but its a decent length loop. Same goes for the monorail.

eightdotthree said:
I didn't know they have a steam train. I love any park with an old Arrow mine train and a nice train ride. does the ride transport or does it just loop?
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Dang, I love it when a train ride takes you somewhere. :)

I also recommend eating at the Tudor Grill while at Hersheypark. It's right outside the main gate, and it's full-service. The prices aren't much different than the in-park food, and the experience is nicer.

If you want to eat in the park, one of my favorite places is Decades. They have fixin's bars for their burgers and chicken sandwiches. Also, another cool place would be the smokehouse place right near Trailblazer (I don't know the name). They cook the meat right there in the open on the grill.

If you like ice cream, HP has some good places, like Cold Stone and the Turkey Hill (?) place down hear LR.

Hersheypark is one of my favorite parks. You should enjoy your time there. I hope, though, that you're shooting for a weekday and not a weekend, as it can get crowded.

Oh, they also have redone place there that serves international cuisine of sorts--it's right across from the Great Bear entrance. I haven't tried it yet this year, but it could be good. And, it's indoors, so it should be a good escape from the heat.

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eightdotthree said:
I love any park with an old Arrow mine train and a nice train ride. does the ride transport or does it just loop?

Don't get too hyped up for Trailblazer. Yes, it's an Arrow Mine Train but it is probably the shortest and most boring one ever built. Cripe, the height restriction on it is only 36 inches! My son loved it though last year when he was 3 and could ride a "Big" coaster, then he rode the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood this year...oh my! :)


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Sadly we have to go on a weekend. Saturday night for the preview and Sunday. We are just going to take it easy, and are hoping the crowds will migrate to the water rides and boardwalk.

Well, I think Sunday should be better than Saturday. With the preview and full day on Sunday, you should be able to experience plenty. Take it easy and enjoy yourself--you'll probably find that you want to come back!

Hershey can be tiring because of the park layout and the terrain, but the park had character. It's just a great park. I've been going since I was 4, and out of all the parks I've been to, it's definitely one of my favorties.

PA has a nice collection of parks, what with HP, KW, Knoebels, and DP. It's nice that Six Flags doesn't have a stake in the state.

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Yeah, unfortunately Trailblazer = teh such.

Superdooperlooper makes up for it, it's kinda mine train-esque.

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How sucky is it? Some would say the Mine Ride at CP sucks and I love it.

It's worse than the one at CP. It's really short and actually only has 1 lift hill. It fits the park and area well, but it doesn't do a whole lot.

SDL does make for a mine-train-esque ride. Gotta love that vintage Anton! :)

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I would skip Trailblazer all together. But for outside of the park food, I cannot recommend Duke's enough. It is on Chocolate Ave. (as mentioned above) which I believe is US 322. Just take it East and you'll go outside of Hershey for a while and it's right next door to the Milton Motel. Don't miss the bruschetta!

If you're looking for a breather stop, don't miss ZooAmerica. It's not like the zoo to end all zoos, but it's kind of neat and a nice change of pace. It's included with your admission, and the entrance is back near Great Bear.

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Akshully, I was there for a few hours last Sunday, and if the weather is at all warm, the crowds will be at the Boardwalk/ water ride areas. The lines for the coasters (at least the ones I went on) were short. The most crowded area will be around the observation area for Tidal Force. Major bottleneck.

LR was a walk right up to the platform. GB didn't use any of the internal queues, and the line still didn't extend to where the train turns back into the station. I was told the line was about that long all day. Wildcat was only a 15-20 minute wait.

Just to slightly correct the resident launch-ho, Chocolate Ave. is 422, not 322, although both run almost parallel through Hershey. Just follow the Kiss shaped street lights.

They have a great log flume, gotta love old Arrow Hydroflumes....also someone else mentioned SooperDooperLooper....great ride, really underated and usually a walk-on. I love the tunnel through the mineshaft.

As far as flats go, the Flying Falcon is my favorite...really rare to find Huss Condors anymore. And again, the Train and Monorail are great.

My favorite foods are the Smokehouse (Freeman's BBQ) by Trailblazer and Boardwalk Fries.

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