What next theme park chain in the US is likely to be the next big one to compete with Disney and Universal?

Just asking out of curiousity I have been hearing that WB could be looking into adding new theme parks around the US eventually but not anytime soon. I know WB has like one or 2 parks overseas but not sure if it will ever make it to North America I guess we will see. The question is what happens to Six Flags parks since SF has WB properties like looney tunes and DC Comics. I read this article of the next big theme park in the United States on theme park insider.

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SeaWorld, obviously.

WB doesn't have any parks, they just license out their IP.

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I don't think there is one.

I'm not sure theme parks make all that much sense right now as a major business venture investment. They require enormous amounts of capital. They are profitable on their own, but maybe not the most profitable way to use that capital. They also require a lot of time for payback, and that is very sensitive to fluctuations in the underlying economy and travel demand, so it is easy to dig yourself a hole that you can't get out of---just ask Hard Rock.

The two big players have something else in common: they are media companies in addition to being theme park operators. Disney is very conscious of the theme parks as advertising vehicles for the media properties, and vice versa---and they always have been, dating back to the original design for Disneyland. Universal seems less so to me but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

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The synergy for the Disney empire is astounding. The movies, merch, and parks all play so nicely with each other. Everytime we watch a Disney movie and the castle appears, the kids ask "When are we going back to Disney land?" Every time we go to the parks, the kids ask "What's this new movie coming out?" In both cases, we end up with arm fulls of stuffed animals and toys.

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