What is wrong with Six Flags America and what they need to do finally to fix the park or should they build a new park in the area?

I understand Six Flags America has had a long history of problems due to it’s location as some people think that is the issue not all. But the park employees visitors have said are not very friendly, rides break down constantly, and their have been a few fights and unfortunately I heard one or two stabbing incidents I am not sure about any shootings in the park from the past. And when a new ride comes to this park it happens to be from another theme park that relocates to Six Flags America. Why is this Six Flags park still open? Why does’nt Washington D.C/Baltimore region have a solid all around traditional theme park to go to for locals in the spring/summer? Should they consider building another park in the region because the other parks which are located in VA that seem to be the closest are Kings Dominion & Busch Gardens Williamsburg. So do you think this is a possibility adding another park to the DC/MD/VA region? That would make 4 theme parks in the area. KD is a like an hour and a half drive from D.C and BGW and Water Country are almost like 3 hours from DC/MD.

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If the area could support another park, it would already be built.

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When did Timber-Rider move to DC?

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Traffic in the DC area is already disastrous, and with Amazon building its new HQ in Crystal City, it's not going to get better. I'm ok with not having another major theme park in this area.

Six Flags America has a decent collection of rides/attractions, regardless of the fact that some (very few, if I recall) were relocated from other parks. I would like to see SFA to improve operationally; I stopped going there 15 years ago for many of the reasons it gets a bad rep. Not sure if it's as bad as it once was.

I had a good day there. Eh, it was years ago, a weekday, kind of slow, and the crowd seemed like a lot of drop-off kids at the water park. I wasn’t overly impressed with the park overall, but I’m not such a big fan of the Flags in general.

I’m not sure why we’re even talking about this. There’s not a metro area in the US that could (or should) support four seasonal theme parks. And the notion of adding yet another park to solve these perceived problems gave me a good laugh. I can’t imagine anyone recommending that a park be closed just because they don’t like it.

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Well, the employees are unfriendly. Shut it down!

No, just add more.
Seriously, we can all think of ways to improve our home park.
I’m fortunate to have near me seasonal parks and themers that are held in high regard. Busy places. In my travels I’ve come across a park or two that haven’t met the high standards I’m used to, and places I don’t care to re-visit. But guess what? Those are busy places, too.

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I was kidding.

And I don't think they need to add more. Best I can tell as an outside observer (who hasn't been there since '03), I actually think they've done a decent job (certainly better than Michigan's Adventure) with the frequency of additions and improvements they've made over the years. My issues were always with operations: enforcing line jumping rules, trash cleanup, general attitude of employees...especially the customer-facing ones. And less importantly, ride operations (fewer ride closures, better rider throughput, etc.).

Oh, sorry. I know you were kidding, and my comment was also. Like, if the neighborhood park sucks just build another one. Or something.

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It's probably been 4 years since I visited SFA and my experience may be an unusual one but I found the employees there to be among the most hospitable I've ever encountered at any park. No sooner had I walked through the gate than someone approached me and asked whether there was anything he could do to help. With the exception of a problem in getting Superman up and running on the 2nd day I was there, ride operations were good. Of course staff is frequently turning over and with a different staff things might have been completely different. That reminds me of my 1st visit to SFNE, where I had to deal with a rude employee at the metal detector and as a result I got an unfavorable impression of the park. Glad I didn't give up on that park as a result because on subsequent visits I got a much better impression and make it a point to go there at least once a year.


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It's always nice to have the option to drive right by one park and continue to another. I had that option once, didn't work out so well.

(Full disclosure, they were actually equidistant in opposite directions.)

My one trip there was about 5-6 years ago. Thanks to work travel, I was able to hit up the park early on a September Sunday. The one thing I remember from the trip was the employees being more friendly than I expected based on the reputation. On several rides, employees were giving high-fives to the younger kids and really engaging with them.

Overall I walked away thinking it was a decent park. Not Cedar Point or Kings Island, but worth the time.

And my condolences to those who commute thru Crystal City. Having done the Blue line to Reagan during the evening rush, I can't imagine how the metro will handle the influx of people. If I have a choice I fly into Baltimore and take MARC into DC to avoid that area now.

I think there was a collective sigh of relief here in Columbus, Ohio, when we found out we lost that Amazon bid. In visiting with the people of Seattle we found out they’re kind of miserable these days. That town is noticeably a lot busier than it used to be and traffic is terrible, pretty much all the time.

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Seattle is essentially an island... Amazon didn't create that problem. Most of Microsoft is on the east side of Lake Washington, and it's not that hard to get around.

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