What in the world could DP be getting in 2015

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Since we know Dorney Park will NOT be getting Mantis (a little late, I know) we now have almost no clue what Dorney Park could be getting.

Something old,
Nothing new,
Something borrowed?
Still... No clue.

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Why doesn't CF have one big announcement like SF has?

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Probably the same thing Michigan's Adventure is.

A new part for Stinger (at least according to the ride op at Zephyr).

koolcat1101 said:
Why doesn't CF have one big announcement like SF has?

So MiA and DP don't feel all sad and left out.

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Cedar Fair doesn't do announcements like Six Flags because Cedar Fair doesn't add a new ride at every park, every year.

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones


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Stinger might be the first "used coaster" at Dorney whose most recent previous stop WAS Dorney...at least the rest came directly from *other* parks. That would be like re-gifting to yourself.

SkyRider from CW...

But then again, what do I know?

My guess is NOTHING. A reliable source said they're getting a new ride next year, but I haven't heard anything since, and there's not enough room for a major coaster, so...

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