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Wednesday, June 20, 2001 5:56 PM
What if you could go to a park where your non-park enthusiast wife was smiling the whole time?

What if you could stroll a boardwalk while watching the sun set as a backdrop to two beautiful CCI's?

What if you could walk onto the most magnificant coaster time after time with no waiting but a full train everytime?

What if after you could find a place that revitalizes you on the last day of a week long vacation with your family?

What if you could play Skee-ball for a quarter and then walk into a 40(?) lane, old time Fascination parlor?

What if you could ride a sternwheeler onto a lake to witness the beautiful neon lights coming to life on a magnificent midway on the distant shore?

What if you could discover a place with as many as three traditional dark rides including a fantastic 20 minute walk through which would bring your family closer together than ever before (literally) due to delightful fear?

What if you could attend a park to meet enthusiasts from Germany, Pittsburgh and Colorado and to share experiences and 1st time front seat rides with them?

What if you could discover a park with Bumper Cars that were ran as fast as Knoebel's with no wait ever?

What if this park hosted family's and not just roving bands of young people? (ala a corporate park we had earlier experienced up north a little ways)

What if the park you dreamed of as a small child was found to virtually exist?


Our whole family was just absolutly blown away by INDIANA BEACH.

I would have never dreamed in a million years that I would find a new number one woodie in this park. I did. Now you guys that havn't been to this park, I'm sure are like me (hey this is a family coaster) and there's no way you can understand the absolute perfection of this ride until you experience it for yourself. Don't judge it until you've rode. "CORNBALL EXPRESS" is the best wooden coaster I've ever experienced, period. Great Air especially in the front and back seats but totally different kinds of air. The first drop is at a wicked little, left angle and the ride just doesn't stop until your still practically out of your seat at the final brake run from the air off of the final camel back. We rode this ride about 20 times in our 7 hour session.

The Hoosier Hurricane looks great and gives a quick, fast ride. I was tring to figure out why this coaster is so void of air time, however.

Our family loved the three dark rides at this park. Everyone especially loved the interactive DEN of LOST THIEVES ride and shooting at the targets.

The MOUNTAIN RIDE was reminesiant of pictures I've seen of the Hunt's Pier Gold Nugget Mine train ride in Wildwood. Does anyone know if they are the same basic ride.

Frankenstien's Castle is the absolutly fantastic walk through. It's a $3.00 per add on, but worth every penny. Our 9 year old was screaming in fear one minute and laughing the next.

IB's bumper cars have been the first one's I've really enjoyed since being spoiled by the one's at Knoebel's. The run a really long cycle and the cars are very fast.

This park very much reminded me of the boardwalk's of the Jersey Pier but it's smack dab in the middle of the rural cornbelt, 25 miles from the nearest Interstate.

One of the most unique things about this park was it's signage. They have the most thoroughly instructive signage of any park I've ever seen and lot's of it.

This park has a huge variety of food, from nice sit downs to fun food stands of every description.

The Friday night we attended the park, they had two live bands playing in seperate, inside venues. We heard em but didn't go to see them. One of the dances is for adult's and the other is for teens only.

This park was just a joy to behold. For a place that we attended as sort of an afterthought, it's a place we will definitly be back to, hopefully again and again.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001 6:24 PM
The Mountain was designed in-house as well as the other dark rides. Tom Spackman, Jr. told me they may do some renovation on the type of transport system...electrical rides like this can be finicky!

25 summers at the place and you'd think I get a gold watch....instead another wooden coaster. Life is sweet!
Friday, June 22, 2001 6:36 PM
Wow! I'm so glad to see your reaction to my favorite park which is also my home park. A new favorite wooden coaster? That's how I felt after riding it for the first time. To all people out there who say it's small and short, you need to experience for real before you judge it. And yes, Den of Lost Thieves is a cool dark interactive ride :)
Sunday, June 24, 2001 6:55 PM
Yes Indiana Beach is a great park. i really enjoyed Cornball Express and Den of Lost Thieves. But i still miss mystery Mansion, i remember riding it as a child and being scared as that bus thing flashed the headlights on you and made that loud honking noise. Once Mystery Mansion broke down and i was on it, and we had to climb over the backs of the cars cause the walls were too close to get out the side. The memories. But Superstition Mountain is cool

welcome one and all, y'all come have a ball!
Things a bear-y fine, ridin' on the old knott's bear-y line!

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