What happened to X2?

The last time we were on X was in 2003, and the ride was fantastic. Although not loading particularly fast, the three days we were there it was running two trains and the ride was fantastic.

After our trip last week, it may have been the worst ride I have ever been on. We got in line when the park opened, and it took over an hour to dispatch 7 trains with only one train running. I know the new trains are supposed to track better, but at 3 different points it just slammed the back of my head into the headrest 2 or 3 times in succession. It was a horrible experience

I would have liked to try again to see if it was just a bad seat, but with the line out to the end of the queue, terrible intervals, 100 degree temps and a pounding headache, I was done.

So the question is to those who ride it often - is it always this bad now?

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Are you sure you weren't riding Big Bad Wolf instead? ;)

With a ride like X2, the row you sit and what seat you sit in is an important factor in whether you'll have an enjoyable thrilling ride, or a "oh my God please let me off, knock you around like a ragdoll." Majority of other coasters will not give you such a night and day experience based on which seat and car you ride in. X2, it's like that.

Next time you decide to give it a spin, remember. Choose to ride on the INSIDE seat ALWAYS and sit closer towards the front of the train (which is the part of the train that first LEAVES the station to the lift hill).

Whenever I choose those particular seats riding X/X2, I never get thrashed around like a load of laundry in a dryer.

P.S. the new trains were never promised to track better. They were built to reduce down-time experienced with the original trains and to slash the wear and tear on the ride's structure and vehicles (via weight reduction).

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So the park spent $10m+ on the renovation and the ride isn't more comfy?

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I thought X was a POS. I really don't like SFMM all that much.

Moosh will probably go back there before I do.

I rode X2 last March three times and all three rides were great. I was on the inside row for two and once on the outside. I never rode it as X so I cant compare, but I truly loved the ride experience I got that day.

X was temperamental just like X2 is.

I got two rides in on X. One ride was fantastic and the other ride had my head banging so badly I wanted off halfway through. My one ride on X2 was good. Having said that, it was in an inside seat. I asked my brother (sitting on the outside) about his ride and he didn't experience the headbanging either, so maybe we just got lucky.

I have sat in almost every seat on every row and I have always found X/X2 to be a little rough no matter where I have sat. However I have not found it to be painful or uncomfortable. Just a little bumpy when you come out of the raven turns. X2 is also my #1 coaster.

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