What happened to the Unicoaster?

Okay remember about two years ago this exciting "new-ish" coaster design called Unicoater, www.unicoaster.com. It was coming soon to an Orlando Area attraction, which was most likely either Fun Spot or Magical Midway. So whatever ever happened to it, the site doesn't look like it has been updated since it made? Has anyone found a way to hack the demo and use it in NoLimits normally, like people did with the Vekoma Booster bikes demo?

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This concept doesn't make sense to me. If the big wheel rolled along the track, that would make the seats spin very very fast. Has a real prototype been built?

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I don't think the "big wheel" is actually in contact with the track. If it is, I don't think it is being used as a "traction" device; instead, it is there only to help manipulate the seating position. I'm assuming it's similar to the "fourth rail" on X and the like. Of course, that's only coming from looking at the pictures on that there site.

In other words, I highly doubt the wheel is moving at the same speed as the coaster. *** Edited 8/22/2007 12:39:59 AM UTC by Infamy***

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Its like a zacspin the cars are freespinning.

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It's interesting to see Chance Morgan's name at the bottom of the page associated with the project. I remember loading this demo back when it debuted, and the lab I was in only had Pentium II's and it would crawl. Now they have Pentium 4's and I'm sure the demo would move a lot faster.

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