What happened to Deja Vu from SFOG?

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I tried to do some searching but found nothing. I'm wondering what happened to Deja Vu that was operating at SFOG? I know Vekoma only made 4 GIBs (SFMM, SIlverwood (from SFGAm), PWM, and SFOG) but SFOG's is nowhere to be seen. So I'm curious if anyone here know where it went, did it get scrapped?

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It's currently sitting in pieces in a field near the back of the park. There were pictures of this posted here just recently, I believe.

EDIT: Here. This was posted in a topic just about half way down the first page of the forum.

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Yeah thanks for the link, was it discovered very recently or way before the flooding?

Anyway I took the liberty to look at Bing's Bird Eye View and found this:


International Rides Management sold the ride in December 2008 to a park outside of the United States. The ride has not yet shipped.

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Btw...Just did a photo report from the park sat. Look here...


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