What happened to CoasterWorks?

I don't think Chris Brewer (www.coasterworks.com) made any new models after 2004, or at least they weren't put up on the site. Now the site is gone and I wanted to check it out. Anyone have any idea what happened?

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10-24-2006 was the last time archive.com captured the active site.


After that is says "Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable. Please check back later."

In the last entry is says "coasterworks.com expired on 03/25/2007 and is pending renewal or deletion."

Apparently they didn't renew.
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Thought they were bought out by a Russian Firm and then merged into Cumback Coasters??????

Chuck, who may be totally wrong on this one

"Cumback" is my current vote for most hilariously misspelled word of the day.

Hint: Kumbak.


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Chuck, it was former employees of Vekoma that formed Kumback. That said, this thread is about the Coaster Works website created by coaster model builder Chris Brewer, not the Coaster Works, Inc. coaster building firm that built Dania Beach Hurricane and Thunder Eagle.

So, basically...

Chuck, who may be totally wrong on this one

...you're totally wrong on this one. ;);)

Sorry, I should have specified, and not drink before posting.

Web Archive, is that the Way Back Machine?

-Congo Falls - 90 rides (one day) -Murder of the Orient Express (1980-2003)
I thought Coasterworks was last linked to M&V?

Cumback... priceless, Chuck! Thanks for the morning laugh- I needed it ;)

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