What facts do you know, or care to know?

I was doing some quiz, and some of the some of the questions didn't interest me at all. They said about the world's coasters, and not just North America's. They said about the heights, and speeds of a particular coaster.

For the most part, I don't really care for the height of a coaster unless it's like the tallest at the park. I couldn't tell you all the heights of the coasters at my park. The same goes for the fastest coaster. I can tell you that Kingda Ka is 128 mph, but who knows how fast Shockwave at SFOT goes.

I guess I care about the inversions (what types), the manufacturers, and types of coasters. For my homepark, it's a lot easier to remember the inversions though. I've been on Riddler's Revenge, and I forgot what those two inversions are near the camera. I think that was a camera. I can look at rcdb.com, but I will just forget it again because I don't go to that park often.

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For the most part, my offhand knowledge is mostly limited to what park a coaster resides at...in the USA...and even that's often spotty.

Aside from the basics (coasters that are the biggest, fastest, whatever) that we all know, I wouldn't put my trivial knowledge of coasters up against anyone...except a small child...maybe. :)

Casual enthusiast right here.

How's that for a new term? If we can have enthusiasts, GP, casual park goers and all the little terms we use to classify - then I want to be known as a casual enthusiast.

All the fun of a coaster enthusiast, but drawing the line before I start correcting people in line for saying incorrect things. (mostly because I don't know any better myself ;) )

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I used to care about all that until I realized that bigger almost never means better. My two favorite rides in the universe (Phoenix and Knoebel's Flyers) have nothing remarkable about their facts or statistics.

That said, I do use Mitch's poll as a good benchmark and I do keep track of where I want to head each summer.

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Sign me up for the casual enthusiast club. Do we get a card?

Gonchar you just touched on exactly what drives me nuts in lines at CP, etc...there is always some "enthusiast" spouting off stat after stat. The funny thing is, even though my trivial knowledge of various coaster stats is incorrect, I often here this same "enthusiast" making things up on the spot.

If there is one thing I am interested in, I guess it's the history of the parks; how they have changed over time, etc...i could not care less how many chain links there are in Magnums' chain.

Well, I like amusement parks but I tend to dress down a lot, so I guess I'm a casual enthusiast as well. ;)

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(enter "rimshot" noise here)
I'm a casual enthusaist as well. CP I know pretty well becuase I worked there in the 2005 season. Pactically memorized the fect book they gave us (4 MILLION Cubic feet of concrete in the midways, 29,000 gallons of ice cream consumed in the park, 11,009 parking spaces, not counting the hotels or staff lots).

If I had more $$$$ to travel, I'd go ride more coasters.

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You get a "fact book" when you work at CP filled with stuff like that? Interesting. I'd like to see a copy.
Dont really care about the height thing, due to me reading sites like this and visiting a lot of parks I can probably for any given coaster (in the US more then anywhere else) tell you where it is, what type it is and if its a steel coaster (Im much more spotty on the wooden coaster designers) who made it. Also, I can probably tell you if its well regarded, ok or a poorly regarded ride by enthusiasts.

The only information I actually seek out is whether or not a park is a "good park" and what coasters are "good rides" so I can plan trips to them. Everything else is trivial.

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So I guess this means none of y'all wanna play Coaster 20-Questions with me, eh? ;)
I know too much, but when it comes to Worlds of Fun, GD I know way way way too much -- just ask those that attended the first Coaster Mayhem event at the park. I ate the trivia portion for lunch without even trying. lol

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I really don't care and I don't make it a habit to "research" a coaster before it comes out. I like to be suprised, and all I care about is how it makes me "feel." I could give a rat's ass about biggest, tallest, fastest, etc.

Take Mystery Mine for example. I had NO idea what to expect. I didn't have a clue that it had totally vertical lift hills. I was PLEASANTLY surprised!

With Voyage.......I just had NO clue and it totally kicked my butt, in a good way. ;)

I could care less about the technical stuff, but it's cool if someone is into that. I know plenty of friends who are into knowing that stuff.

If the ride or coaster totally rocks my world then it's cool in my book. That's all that matters, at least to me. :)


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I know a bunch of trivial stuff about Holiday World. Only because that was the park that I grew up with and have connections to.
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Like that's any good? Who cares about or has even heard of Holiday World? Sheesh! ;)
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You know what is funny about that is that a lot of the locals around here have that same sentiment. I tend to persuade them to my opinion, but I try not to make a habit of it.
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Hey Moosh, don't make me pull the defunct wildcat card! lol :)

I know what I can see with my own eyes and remember from, but I don't seek out facts on coasters. I know way too much and I try to not show it, but Coaster 20 Questions is a game I am quite good at. ;)

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I know way too much about coasters, and not enough about how to retire at 40... ;)
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I see stats once on a press release, I pretty much interzalize them pretty quickly, especially if it's of any interest to me or nearby or whatever. Of course, if the coaster is 97ft. tall I probably won't be able to pin that down, 100ft-ish is probably more likely what I'll know but that's just more about how my brain works than anything else.

In school the best thing I can do is pay attention hard to the content in class and internalize what I can there and then. Going back and studying it later almost never helps.

Spinout said: I've been on Riddler's Revenge, and I forgot what those two inversions are near the camera. I think that was a camera. I can look at rcdb.com, but I will just forget it again because I don't go to that park often.

You're talking about the coaster's two diving loops, I presume? (or as Magic Mountain calls, "over-the-top dive loops."

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I like to know everything ;)

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