what ever happend to the dark ride???

Friday, February 18, 2000 9:27 PM
what was the reasoning behind taking out the pirat dark ride?this was a great dark ride.and of all things to replace it with,an arcade of all things.do you think they will bring in a dark ride with the bordwalk project?
Saturday, February 19, 2000 4:25 AM

Again with the boardwalk project?
I think Exterminator at Kennywood was fun-would
love to see CP adding something simular but doubt it-they consider DT their "dark ride"
so dont see them investing in another one!
Welcome back Raptor riders-how was your flight?
Thursday, February 24, 2000 9:29 AM
I love Cedar Point as or more as yhe next guy, but I just have to say that DT could have been alot better than it is. Its way to slow ( like ID) and I feel they should remove the building around it and take out all the dumb lasers and lights inside, or just try to rebuild it.

Hold on and have the ride of the millennium on Millennium Force here at America's Rollercoast

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