What draws us to roller coasters?

Thursday, March 30, 2000 5:27 PM
Somebody at work asked me a good question: Why?

I had to think pretty hard about it. I think part of it is watching physics in motion. It's probably the dork in me.

On the other hand, and this is Freudian I know, but I think it's all of the curves. You know, kind of like a woman? There's something beautiful about them. Of couse, that's probably just me.

Anyone else?

Webmaster/Admin - CoasterBuzz.com
Thursday, March 30, 2000 8:22 PM
Well for me, for as far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with trains, especially the old steam locomotives from the wild west (see CP&LE).
Trains lead straight to coasters, except my fascination has now grown to the architechture of the structure (the beauty of a wooden coaster, it just emits a fun vibe) down to the trains themselves. I especially like well thought out trains, for example, Magnum XL's "future" looking cars.
Then of course, there is the adrenaline rush.
Friday, March 31, 2000 2:58 AM
Of course the adraline rush is part of the reason we want to ride coasters. We all have a part of our brain that wants to have fun right?? They are beautiful too. I'm sure if you ask a psychologist he can answer that for you.
Friday, March 31, 2000 3:57 AM
There are several factors as to why I ride:

1) Aesthetics - there's something visually appealing about a giant structure of wood or steel scaffolding supporting hills and curves and so on.

2) Science - it's satisfying to see that all those physics classes can do some good

3) Technology - I work for a systems integrator as a software engineer so I'm surrounded by PLCs, prox switches, electric motors, etc. everyday. It's interesting to see a different application of industrial components.

4) Addiction - once you've had big airtime, you always want more (Go to Mich. Adv now to find out why)

5) Daredevil - I'm scared *$&#less of heights. You put me on a ladder 10' up and I'm shaky. Why 300' tall coasters? Security and safety. I know that I can ride just about anything thanks to the restraints and know I'll survive.

6) Release - After a hectic and stressfull week at work, it's nice to unwind and relax at a park.

7) Environment - There's something neat about being at an amusement park (related to Aesthetics and release)

8) Fun - no explanation necessary

Scott W. Short
Friday, March 31, 2000 7:21 AM
To ShiveringTim's excellent list I'd like to add:

9) Sense of history / nostaglia - big play things are part of our childhood. The coasters were also thinks to look forward to being big enough to ride both in height and in maturity.

10) Accomplishment - Something to have conquered. How many of you maintain lists of which coasters you have conquered?

11) Fascination - You mean thousands of man hours and millions of dollars went in to build this huge structure which does not do anything but race cars around the track to give people a thrill? Well, i'd like to be one of those people please.

Friday, March 31, 2000 11:11 AM
Outside of riding them, I could just sit there (in awe) and watch them for hours! I know that once I approach Millennium Force, I'll be hypnotized...

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May 13, 2000
Friday, March 31, 2000 1:32 PM
Its good clean fun! You can't go 92 MPH in you car and not get a ticket. Unless you work construction or live in a city where else can you go 200 feet in the air and get a good view of the area. Also what can beat peoples reactions on a ride they were never on before "Oh my God that was fast", "I feel sick", "Wow", "Never again"

I can't wait for the 2000 season to start!!
April 1st PKD, April 2nd BGW
Friday, March 31, 2000 1:44 PM
Roller Coaster are just fun and relaxing. I just thing they are do cool.
Friday, March 31, 2000 5:53 PM
1) Actually, part of the brain may not be far off from one reason we like roller coasters. Most of the people that I know who love roller coasters are good at math and geometry. The side of the brain that controls mathematics also allows some people to dream in color. This may just be a theory, but I think that if you like math, and you dream in color, you maybe enticed to ride and watch them because of their geometrical and architectural beauty.

2) Another reason is that there is no possible way to get as much of an adrenaline rush that you get from a roller coaster than working at a job.

3) What do we think about when we are on roller coaster?.... nothing! Just the adrenaline rush, the wind in your face, and the twists and turns of the track ahead. In other words, it's just a way to get away from our everyday life problems.

This is exactly why I am going to design roller coasters after I get out of school. My ultimate dream is to be one of the people that designs a roller coaster for Cedar Point that is as or more successful than Magnum...if there is such a possible thing.

Friday, March 31, 2000 8:27 PM
See all the above ;).
Saturday, April 1, 2000 8:30 AM
Well I am sure ones listed for me are above somewhere but I ride for:

1: something different to do
2: to forget about everything else
3: A Rush (relieves my stress)
4: Fun
5: accomplish something
6: to make friends and have many many coaster memories with them

Closing Time: 5:30
CP Arrival Time: 5:50

Whose Line is it Anyway?
Sunday, April 2, 2000 6:14 PM
I have to agree with almost every reason already listed here. But even on top of all of those, another one for me is just the good memories I have that are attached to amusement parks and roller coasters. Not only from my childhood, but from the recent summers too. My girlfriend really does live for Cedar Point and we have spent a good portion of the past few summers together there, "wasting the time away" as you could say. And even though it's the same park and same rides every time, I get something different out of each trip. The amusement park atmosphere is something that brings people together and allows them to share in good times and similar experiences.

James Draeger
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Sunday, April 2, 2000 6:40 PM
You all have excellent thoughts on the topic. For my thought on it, I think it could be the colors of the coaster that draws people to them also. Examples would be: Face/Off(PKI), Mantis(CP), and Batman Knight Flight(SFO). Kind of like the way a bee is drawn to a flower. By it's color. My other thought is the anticipation of seeing a twisted metal artwork in motion. You see the coaster and the butterflies in your gut start fluttering. Those are my thoughts.

Monday, April 3, 2000 7:58 AM

I have always been interested in coasters, and I too remember when I was young being fasinated with trains. My grandfather used to take me on bus rides into downtown Cleveland. He would then walk me around the old terminal station and we'd check out the old trains that were stored there. Many old cars..also the rapid transit was cool to.

Old street cars, Euclid Beach stories at dinner time, so many memories. I also remember seeing some really cool trains at Akrons Quaker Square when i was a kid (i dont think they are there anymore).

Hmm..just memories of being young and hearing the news about "the world tallest coaster" (Gemini at the time ), and always wondering what the new season will bring to CP and other parks.

But the question..."what draws me?"

I dunno really, I think I just really like the smell of grease! But there is also a great sense of nostalgia in it for me. It's a part of my childhood I do not want to let go. The feelings are all still the same, no matter if I take a trip to a park once a year or 15 times a year. I always get the same feeling walking through those gates, and it's a feeling that is unlike any other really. I think you all know what I mean.



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